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Questions of bids

Good evening everyone,
Is there a limit for bids on buyers demand?
thanks in advance

I’ve read for new sellers, it’s 10. You may want to try the search function to verify.

I’m a buyer, not a seller, so not 100% on that. BTW, your gigs are in, I’m guessing French? You’re kinda limiting yourself to a select few. Most people, buyers and sellers, on Fiverr know English to some degree, but I don’t how many would understand what you are offering.

thank you for your reply

Of course there is a limit for bid. It surely depends on your level. For newbie the highest you could get is $100, level 1 could get as high as $1500 and the list continues like that. I hope this helps.

i found this and i think it might help,

Thank you, I understand.
Have a good day