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Questions on downgrade (de-level)


This is my first post so I am not familiar with the forum, and I apologize if I am using the wrong category.

I lost my level 2 on February 10th, and I was told that I could regain the level. Ever since the downgrade I completed 34 gigs, 23 had positive feedback. I still keep a 100% rate. I had another 7 delivered (not rated yet) and 9 cancelled by me with the buyer agreeing.

Based on the guidelines I should be again level 2 by now, but I am wondering if the 9 cancellations are hurting me.

What do the experts think?

Thanks and best regards


I don’t really think that mutual cancellations affect a seller’s rating. I could be wrong though !


blockquote>arnevb said:

A lot of cancellations can take
away your level (this will change in the future though)

First I've heard of it, I hope it's true because it's the only BS thing about fiverr, ridiculous to even have that as a process.


Thank you all for the leads. I will pause a gig that generates most of the cancellations and see if that brings me back.

(earlier I really meant to say that I think I’ve done enough to be level 1, not level 2)