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Questions regarding payouts and fees


I’m new to Fiverr and have a few questions if I may. Forgive me if these questions Are common, i’m still learning the ropes of the website! :slight_smile:

  1. As a seller, how much does Fiverr take from me? I understand the buyer is hit with a fee, but I didn’t realize the seller was also hit with a fee too. Seems to be 20% is this correct? For example on one order ive completed it says C$270.16 on the order completed page. Which was for a $200 USD job. And on the earnings page it says i’ll be paid $160 … ?

  2. Do you have to request a payout or is this processed on a specific date?

  3. Which transfer method is more recommended? I’ve always used Paypal so feel comfortable with this, however there is paypal fees. I’ve never heard of Pioneer, is this similar to paypal? any advantages or disadvantages?

Thank you.

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  1. Yes, Fiverr takes only 20% from the sales amount.

  2. Yes you have to request a withdrawal when the funds are available for withdraw. Funds will be available for withdraw 14 days after the order is completed. Depending on whether you use PayPal or Payoneer there is a minimal withdrew amount. For PayPal it’s $4 and a 2% transfer fee. For Payoneer you need to have a minimum of $20 to withdraw and a fixed tranfer fee of $3 is charged.

  3. It depends on your country. Payoneer is more commonly used by freelancers because of low processing fee and wider availability in more countries. I personally use Payoneer for Fiverr and direct client payments from my website. If you’re using just Fiverr I think PayPal will be suitable for you because the transfer speeds are very quick and you don’t have to wait till your available funds accumulate to $20.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for that concise response! :slight_smile:

quickly runs and increases all gigs by 20% lol

I think i’ll stick with Paypal. For me i like the speed. From paypal to my bank its usually same day.

Thanks again!

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Paypal fees are cheapest is if you wait to withdraw until you have at least $50-100. They cap the fee at $1 so if you withdraw $20 it can feel like a big hit, but if you withdraw $100 or more the dollar doesn’t really sting much. I prefer PayPal by a longshot due to this low fee and the fast and free transfer to bank account.

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Yeh, the price point of my gigs are quite high, so Paypal makes sense in that respect. Im surprised they dont do a direct to bank transfer, but i guess that would get quite messy lol

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I think they do have a form of direct to bank transfer but if I recall right, it’s still processed through Payoneer and has fees. I’ve never used it actually, so I can’t speak with much authority about it. Someone else might know if it’s quicker, but I’m always fine with PP. I think I save better when it gets filtered through another system anyway!

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