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Questions Sellers have

Hey guys,
Im trying to figure out what are the main questions sellers have in all type of levels in regards to fiverr, what concerns you, what makes fiverr a challenge, what would you like to know more about.
Thanks for sharing!!

How to submit a task list, what is the comfortable time frame to finish the job without sacrificing quality, the challenge is choosing the right seller for a specific service, and other payment options. Hope that helps.

A typical one I see is “how do I get my gig featured.”

they Say a Seller will be promoted to TRS when he will be a leader in the Community. Can you explain it?

I don’t understand your question. What do you mean a leader in the community? You mean a page administrator?

I think generally you can become a TRS when you reach a certain level of sales volume with a great record.

I don’t think you need to be a leader in the community necessarily. That sounds like you have to participate in the forums a lot and most TRS don’t do that.

I agree. I barely read the forum before I became TRS, afterwards I started participating more frequently.

  1. How the algorithm of featured seller works.

  2. How to appear available to friends that you give a “free gig” coupon to.

  3. Why $25, $30, $35 options aren’t available as extras


“I would love to work with you, but I only have an old candy, fluff and something embarrassing I don’t want to talk about you in my pocket. I do want to hire you. Could you write me an article as if I was The New Yorker to see if we make a good fit? Thank you so much! Oh, write about…weather systems and their relationship to the work of Tolstoy. Thanks!”


“I will tell everyone how awful you are!”

“Fine, I have a screenshot. Have a nice day!”

My point is some questions are justified, some buyers have great ideas. Some of them just need that final push into the sewer of their own making.

I’ll just write whatever they ask for.

Check the Levels System of Fiverr. They had Written the points that a seller should follow to be a TRS. Its written there.

Exactly and i don’t think the same that you do not have to participate a lot in the forum to be TRS because its written on the Levels page that you should be a Community leader to be a TRS but yeah the admin of the forum ‘fonthaunt’ she is on level 2 and she is a admin so why isn’t she promoted to TRS, that is the Reason why i asked this question.

What did I just read?.. :smiley:

The main question is “how can I get sales?” I created a post that would answer this question— Improve your gig!

My main question would be how can I take time off without getting penalised? I know Fiverr doesn’t officially penalise people for using vacation mode or anything. But twice I have had to go offline from Fiverr due to other commitments and personal issues and both times it’s taken a long time to get the sales ball rolling again.

Ideally, I’d like to me able to legally send out a message to all my regulars when I need to take a break. This way I could notify people in regard to when I’m going away and when I will be back.

I will be working on finding out about your questions in order to help us out, if any one comes up with any new ones please feel free to add them.

@justmarketing00 I cannot answer for the Fiverr editors, but I can give you opinions which I always have plenty of!

I think that as far as forum participation, that is only one kind of leadership. I know of some Top Rated Sellers who have quietly helped mentor others, some are active in blog comments, others are active on various Fiverr social media pages, etc. Leadership is also just a fraction of what Fiverr looks for.

As for me, like anyone I would enjoy being a TRS and having those perks, but there are actual advantages to level 2 as well. Some TRS genuinely get overwhelmed with sudden long queues. Some encounter a great deal of stress with the added responsibilities.

You can lose TRS status (like any other level) by dropping below the requirements. I suspect that some people who used to have moderate queues were probably more forum-active prior to achieving TRS. The influx of orders means you need a lot of time to fill those orders. That might be one reason you see some people very active on the forums at level 1 or 2 but they suddenly drop away when they get a lot of orders whether is to due to promotion or just great service. :slight_smile:

One of my own biggest challenges involves the 5 star rating system. I think it’s not a good fit for Fiverr. I came along just after it was implemented, but looking back at old posts and even old reviews, it seems like the binary system (thumbs up or down) was working better.

If we are stuck with the 5 star system, I would like to see less emphasis on perfection. Even now the leveling system on Fiverr sets a very high bar and instead of encouraging true good reviews, I worry that it only creates pressure and causes review manipulation. If a 3 star review is suppose to be positive, it shouldn’t be seen as a negative and it definitely is. Even a 4 star review is generally embarrassing and harmful to one’s account, especially if you don’t have thousands of reviews to bury it.

The other thing I think should be done with the review system is to have it show reviews on buyer profiles. Buyers should also be held to a standard to avoid abuse. I waited a while to post anything on this thread to watch and see what else was mentioned, but thanks for the opportunity for all to voice their thoughts!

Thank you for your input I completely agree the 5 star rating is very demanding and a 4 star does affect, what I do Is to strive for user satisfaction, So If they are “happy” 3.5 I usually refund them, I have noticed the 3.5 affects so much my gig performance that its usually better to lose the money but not affect the rating in the future, obviously I have had tons of buyers abusing this feature, and asking much more than what we agreed for a 5 star rating. I’m sending them to fiverr customer support to prevent them from doing it to someone else.