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Questions to people who use Photoshop!

So this is a question to people who use Photoshop.

I was asked to draw an image of a guy playing a guitar. It came out good, and I sent him the image in JPEG and a PNG file.

Then I got a message from him saying that when he tried opening the image using Photoshop, everything was black. I’ve never had any of my buyers having that problem, and I’ve sent
images in PNG files many times before.

Any idea what’s going on, and how to fix it?
The image is a just line drawing BTW.
It looks fine when I open it in my PC.

Ask him to send you a screenshot and post it here please. Maybe something is wrong with his photoshop or computer.


I just sent him a message asking that, I hope he responds!
Thank you Miss Crystal!

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I took classes in Photoshop but never saw that kind of problem.

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If he opens the png file with windows 10 “Photos" it will be all black; this is normal. The reason is the png contains black strokes and a transparent background. You may try it yourself and see

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Why would windows 10 be so different from other versions in this way? We are asking about opening it with photoshop.

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When OP says the buyer is using photoshop, it appears to be a miscommunication from one side or the other. “Photo” is the only app I know uses black as default background. There is nothing wrong with the app or the picture, just the way it is.

Same here. I’ve never known Photoshop to act in this way.

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Maybe your buyer OP is using some other app than Photoshop.

If the image was sent in a flattened, like I suspect it was, no photo software is going to read it any different than the JPEG or PNG that it is. A basic image is a basic image, no matter what program it is opened in.

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I have been writing photo processing apps in my previous job for 6 years. You really need to test what I said then comment.

To be honest, you need to realize that my 20+ years of Photoshop, image-editing, and digital art experience gives me a good understanding of what I comment about here on these forums.

I’m glad you’ve been “writing photo processing apps” for 6 years. Congratulations. But, I say again, an image in a standard format (such as the png or jpeg that the OP mentioned) will open and respond the same in any program that can open such images.

Such images should have no problems when opened in Photoshop.


Not trying to be an ass, the Photo app is made by microsoft and probably outsourced to some place. As it stands, the app requires a windows registry change to render transparent png background properly. Microsoft do not consider it a bug and refused to fix it. This is well known in developers of photo processing apps, since your customers will complain.

I hope you understand this is not a Photoshop issue, it is a “Photo” app issue and OP and the buyer were having some communication issues regarding the details.

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@boyuan851 It sounds like you might be right:

The png file opens. If I choose a png file that has black font or graphic with transparency and if I double click or right click and choose Open with, and I choose Photos, I see nothing. The background is black, the content is black.

You seem to be confused. The OP said that his buyer tried to open the image in Photoshop. Photoshop is an Adobe product. What does this Photoshop question have to do with any Windows product called “Photo”?

He is right if the buyer indeed did use the app from Microsoft instead of Photoshop.
See my link above.

I am not confused, the only logical explanation is OP and her buyers had some communication breakdown in terms of the name of the software used to open the picture. You really want to believe user has a special version of buggy photoshop, then you are always right.


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Wow, I left the house to go to work, 30 minutes later I’m at my office checking and so many messages, thank you!

It’s a lot to read through so allow me to take the time and check all the comments and
hopefully I can get this solved.