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Queue number gone

What are people’s thoughts on the queue number getting taken down by fiverr. Good or bad thing for buyers and sellers?

Very bad in my opinion. Also, I have no idea why cs is cancelling some of my orders !!??

@cre8iveartwork why would CS cancel your orders? How did you find out they are canceling your orders.

@kjblynx can you see it on other peoples profiles too?

Urr. Queue number is still there? They may have been doing maintenance on it when you happened to be on and your cookies may have saved it that way? Try another browser or clear caches and all of that and see if it still shows? I tried a different browser and I still see Queue #'s on all profiles. If it does in fact update and queue number is taken down that’s just silly. I attract new orders and interest by letting my queue collect up sometimes and it works pretty well.

I still see my queue numbers!

It must have been something temporary for sure.

I do not like the new orange colour however.

looks like something was being tested as it it did go. you can get the queue back if you still cannot see it if you clear your browser cache, the same applies if you are still seeing the dashboard in orange

look like it was just on my ipad, but if i go on computer it still shows the queue number :slight_smile:

@cre8iveartwork: Please elaborate?

Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. This whole site glitches like crazy. Right now I don’t even see my orders listed on the sales screen, but the number of sales are still stated.