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Queues questions

Hi! I have two questions about the queues:

  1. In a gig, you can specify how many orders can be in the queue, ok. But let’s say I have 10, ordered at the same time. Does it mean that the deadlines will run concurrently, or sequentially? (I mean: if it’s concurrently and all of them are for 2 days, I should deliver the 10 orders before 2 days after)

  2. I can’t see any option to consider orders of ALL gigs (I have currently 2 active). Just to be sure before writing on the suggestions section for Fiverr: is there any way to manage all the queues at the same time?

Thanks for dropping by! ^-^

If you have 10 orders all at the same time, they will all be due at the same time.

The reason you can’t see an option to limit all orders in the queue at the same time is that there isn’t one.

That’s what I was thinking :point_left: thank you!