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Quick customer support or customer support phone number [ARCHIVED]


Does anyone know the how to reach customer support quickly regarding order processing? I placed an order but it didnt notified by seller yet.Can anyone help please.


Hi, i am attempting to submit a support request regarding. Unfortunately, the “Order Related Help Topics” section does not work so i am unable to submit my question.

This is truly sad to know Fiverr does not have a phone number so to report such issue. Hopefully, someone from customer service will see this and fix the issue so individuals can reach them since this is the only alternative to communicate.

This offer i am attempting to contact Fiverr about expires today,


Reply to @adv123: You can email I’m not sure if you will get a quick response though. Good luck!


hi im nayani .

my withdrawals are temporarily disable from 3 months .i want my money soon as possible.i did more complains but it not oky. i got many orders but i cant do them because there is a problem about money.please kindly be quick




Reply to @nayanigannile: The forum is not Customer Support. Contact them directly at

Fiverr Customer Support


I was faced same problem.


Doesn’t every company need to have a phone number available?

Holy necro.


what order did u placed


Seriously? :rofl:

OP created this topic in September 2014, and haven’t posted on the forum since then.

You’re highly unlikely to get an answer from them.


Where is the emoji for “slaps forehead”

Read some posts on the forum that are current before placing a new post.