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Quick Gig Check-Up

I have asked about recommendations for improving my gigs in the past, and you all have been tremendously helpful; thank you for that! I just wanted to check in one more time to see if there are some small details I missed or better ways to communicate my gigs. I have my Fiverr link in my forum profile.
Thank you for your time! I deeply appreciate it.


I looked at your “Revamp A Blog Post” Gig.

It looked good.

The description was great.

I really liked that you listed what the Gig does not include.

I liked that you had limited the number of revisions at each level and that you charged more for a shorter turnaround.

I think the one I looked over was pretty good and an example of how to present a Gig that should produce results.

Good job.


Thank you for taking a look at them; I appreciate it!

Your gigs are absolutely perfect!

I took a look at your audio transcription gig and blog revamping gig.

I agree with @looseink that it was good to list what you don’t offer in your service along with what you do offer.

All of your gigs seem professional and neat. You definitely did some research in the Forum because you didn’t include bad things like unlimited revisions, common logos, etc.

Great job!


Thank you for your time!

In “I will give you a test article” it says “you can send me a custom offer”. Maybe reword that because it’s the seller that sends the custom offer, buyers can send a custom offer request though (I think if the gig is set up for it).


Thank you for letting me know!