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Quick Payouts on Fiverr

Fiverr money clearance is very slow compared to other site, please make it fast (within a week?).

It is very long process to cash-in our revenue. Payoneer card has multiple surcharges, do something better Fiverr.

Simple money clearance within days?

Imagine this:

  1. Somebody places an order with their ‘friend’ on Fiverr.
  2. Order marked as complete (Although no work has been done)
  3. Money withdrawn.
  4. PayPal chargeback initiated.

    Fiverr would be out of pocket due to that scam. Without the 14 day limit in place people would effectively ‘steal’ from Fiverr by buying from themselves.

Okay. @Jared831

Friend 1: Buys $5 for a gig

Friend 2: Sits; do nothing (order complete)

Friend 1: Pay me money, I am unsatisfied

Fiverr: Gets a transaction charge?

Fiverr TOS: Let the money in escrow upfront, take party opinion for 7 days [ or go to resolution center] (after that no withdrawal possible). Seal the deal.

Reply to @jared831:

I fail to see how this makes sense. There’s a charge for buyers as well, I don’t know if they get back that money if they take back the money but this “scam” can STILL happen even with the 14 day limit…

What other sites do you use? If you need the money that quickly maybe try to work more on the other sites.