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Quick question about buyer requests


I’ve searched through the forums, but I’m not coming up with an answer… If I remove a request from the “Active” tab of the Buyer Requests page, does it also “unsend” an offer I sent?

I fear I have made a newbie mistake by removing the requests from the active page that I have sent an offer on… to keep it clean because I’m kind of OCD like that… Now, the offer I sent isn’t showing up on my “Sent Offers” tab with the others.

If this is the case… is there any way to undo the hiding of active requests?


Dear Carey:

My understanding is that it does not “unsend” your offer.

My experience has been that when I remove a request from the “Active” tab, it might temporarily not appear in the “Sent Offers”. However, it typically reappears within minutes or the next time I log in to Fiverr.

I’ve removed all active requests from the “Active” tab, but I still have 27 sent offers showing in the “Sent Offers” tab.

I’m not aware of any way to undo the hiding of active requests. This type of mistake only really hurts you when you remove an active request when you actually intended to send an offer. If you remove the request before you send the offer, then whatever work you’ve done toward earning that business was in vain.

You should be fine, though, especially if the Buyer contacts you.

Good luck,


@blaisefaint Crisis averted! You are correct, the offer I sent re-appeared on the “Sent Offers” tab… I’ve just checked again.

Thank you for your information!


This is similar, so I just want to ask… what happens if you have sent an offer and yet the count next to the Buyer Request says “0”? Does it mean the buyer has removed your offer?