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Quick question about gig not showing up

Hello! This is my first time posting in the fiverr forum.
I am wondering my gig have not showed up in the search results for almost a week after I added fiverr packages and changed the gig images. Is it normal for gig to not show up after an update?

I have sent a ticket to CS and am currently waiting for a reply. I’m just wondering if someone have a similar problem or maybe have an answer.

Please be patient. CS will respond if and when they choose to. In the meantime, I can say this – whether you wish to hear it or not: Sellers are not guaranteed placement in the Fiverr search results. Good sellers earn higher rankings. New sellers have to work hard to establish a ranking. And bad sellers usually drop off the list due to their own actions.

Promote your gig elsewhere online, and treat your gig like an every-day business. Don’t expect Fiverr, or the Fiverr search results, to make you successful. You have the ability to build your own success through hard work, and good marketing. If you choose to do the hard work every day, you’ll most likely find success. If you sit back and expect the success to come to you for free, you’re probably not going to do well here on Fiverr.

Thanks for the reply! I guess I should just wait for the CS to reply me back for more answers. My gig was in the search result for few days and I got couple of orders. For some reason it disappeared after I updated it. I’ve been promoting my gig somewhere else and got bunch orders without fiverr’s search. I thought my gig is not showing up because most of my costumers found my gig without fiverr’s search, but after seeing your answer I think that is not the problem then.