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Quick question about logo design


I had a quick question. Assuming I designed a logo from scratch and the client accepts it/likes it, should I/am I required to run the logo through a trademark search engine to check if it is available, or does the responsibility fall on the client?


If you created the logo from scratch then why would there be a copyright issue?

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Since a logo is the visual entity signifying an organization, logo design is an important area of graphic design. Therefore, the design of logos and their incorporation in a visual identity system is one of the most difficult and important areas of graphic design.

If the logo is original, it won’t be found o a trademark search engine. If you promise original work, it is your responsibility to be sure it is 100% original. The client will probably want to check to be sure, but they shouldn’t have to. If I was a buyer promised an original design and I checked it and found it it was available through a search engine, I would report the seller to Fiverr and ask for a refund.

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I design minimalist logos, so there is a chance that by pure coincidence the geometric design I create might have been designed before.

I understand that, I have designed logos for quite a few clients so far. However, my question is more about whether I am responsible to verify the originality of the logo.

Nowhere on my gig do I advertise original logos, although I try my hardest to make them so. However, the issue is that I design minimalist logos, and I can imagine that there is a chance that a logo I design could be coincidentally similar to another’s.

Quick update: I added to my gig’s FAQ that I do not run logos through the trademark search, and that I will redesign the logo free of charge if it is found to be similar to another’s. Is this sufficient to protect me from liability in the case it happens?

Also, related question: if a client specifically requests I design a logo that violates copyright, even after I explain the issue and fully warn the client of the copyright violation, should I design the logo/am I free of liability?

No. Paraphrased from the ToS page:

Fiverr Customer Support will cancel orders based on, but not limited to, the following reasons:

* Users supplied or included copyright/trademark infringing materials as part of the Buyer requirements or the seller’s delivery.

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You should minimize that chance and as others have said it, you are reponsible for the copyright.

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