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Quick question for pros

If my gig has 1 day delivery, and someone ordered (countdown starts)
But the buyer is not responding. Should I let it run out and wait for a customer service cancellation even tho they respond after 2 days?
or dispute it and let my order completion rate decrease?


If you do not submit the work, it will automatically decrease your completion rate no matter what route you take.

Continue trying to contact the buyer to gather the information needed to complete the order. You can also try requesting a time extension.


Thanks for the reply!, but there’s no work to begin with :sweat_smile:, because he didn’t upload any file to edit. I’m still waiting for his reply tho

If buyer provides you with the requirements, you should deliver before the countdown ends. If not, order should not get started if you bind your gig properly using requirement section.


Thanks for the reply heda :innocent:
He seems to continue without uploading any file, tho my gig required to upload a file. before starting an order. I still have 1d6hrs tho, I hope he replies, and attach a file :frowning:

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Just received an update and the order is done! thanks for your help guys! :innocent: