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Quick question regarding a prospective order for... $5

Basically, I have a prospective buyer who wants to place an order for my gaming article Gig… for $5 (500 words). The individual has basically stated that, if all goes well, it’ll be an investment (in that I’ll see returns based on how readers participate with the article, e.g. likes, comments, shares, etc.)

My question is: should I go ahead with this? When one considers the topic research, keyword research, planning, writing, rewriting, etc. that goes into an article, combined with Fiverr’s commission, I know for a fact that I would basically be writing the article for free… but would it be worth it if it means ‘big bucks’ in the future?

No. Don’t do this. This is the basic line every opportunistic buyer uses to try and get a discount, get work and cancel, or hold you hostage with a bad review.

How are you going to benefit long-term? Is the buyer going to send you new orders? How do you know this article will be well received? If the website it is published on isn’t up to speed, it won’t even get past page 100 in the Google search.

Run. Run like your life depends on it.

A $5 buyer like this will 999 times out of 1,000, flip into trying to scam you or working FOC and could potentially ruin your freelance career.


Bad idea, this is a bad idea.

Do not do this. I’ve been there, I know and I can confidently say DO NOT THIS.


Those who promise to give you more work in the future or tell you that they have huge projects are those who never come back. They only want free work or 5$ work.


It’s a classic… I call this the “Don Juan Technique” because, like the famous lover Don Juan, they promises you the moon until they get what they want (that is, the heavily discounted order). They always start with “If this goes well, you will earn big bucks in near future…”

It’s a trap.


Thanks for the prompt responses, everyone. Appreciate it.


This video is essential viewing for any freelancer who gets asked to work for “exposure.”


Digging the Irish lads - most of their stuff is rubbish though.
It’s the “10, 15, ok, 20 tweets, will that cover it?” at the end that makes it for me.


I just found out today that there are only 4 million Irish people in the whole world. - This makes the Irish even more precious than previously thought.

Agreed. I was caught out twice big time by the work for exposure clowns. Once with writing a full book and the other when creating the complete content for a ‘Cougar’ dating agency website.

Never again will I ever trust kind of beautiful women over the age of 45. - Or possibly 25 just to be absolutely certain. :slight_smile:


But if we count those outside Ireland who CLAIM Irishness, the number goes up to around 5,000,000,000 (approx).

That number is probably accurate if you look at the fact that 1 million emigrated during the famine in 1845 and taking 5 generations each producing our average of 10 kids each.

I would like to check out your work, can you provide the link please?


As long as that is not the official price you sell the service then don’t give any discount

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3 years in Cork and Dublin makes me Irish? I hope so, because I love Ireland and had great times there! Add me to the 5 billion.

I’ve always wanted to be Irish since I fell in love with a 6ff Irish maiden called Shevaun (probably miss-spelled). We traveled accidentally together for a wee while in Thailand but back then she was way out of my league.

Also, I’m pretty sure she’ll be over 25 now. :frowning:

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(Years of taking registers with names which aren’t spelled the way they sound at all.) :slightly_smiling_face:


No, it is the V which made her all the more memorable.

However, with only 4 million Irish and a unique name, maybe it wouldn’t be so hard to track her down…

Time to go into online stalker mode!

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Ah - parents couldn’t spell the name properly! :wink:

Good luck - I think. :slightly_smiling_face:

So far, I’ve got the spelling. Now I just need a county, surname, and access to some kind of aerial surveillance system

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I just found out today that there are only 4 million Irish people in the whole world. - This makes the Irish even more precious than previously thought.

Wikipedia says 4.581 million in the Republic of Ireland, 1.81 million in Northern Ireland according to the 2011 census. About 6.391 million for those combined.

According to the 2016 census, 4.77 million in the Republic of Ireland so more than that total (ie. including Northern Ireland).

If only all of the UK were willing to unite north and south so quickly and easily.
Re the numbers, there are easily a couple of hundred thousand non-Irish living here though.

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I didn’t want to get political. Besides, even 7 million Irish people in my mind, is still enough to consider creating some kind of protected reservation and breeding program.

More to the point, how is it possible that there are only 4-7 million Irish? There are 4 million Kiwis but finding one to have a beer with is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The Irish, though, are literally everywhere. Why? I don’t know. Maybe they hide their true numbers so that the rest of the world doesn’t get alarmed by just how many Irish their really are…