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Quick question regarding profile picture reuploading


Hello again guys. Quick question: Do you have any idea how much does it take for a gig to be reindexed after you change the profile picture? Because I did this a couple of hours ago, and we dissapeared from Avg Customer Review Page completely. I know it requires some time to get back, but someone knows how much time you need to wait until you get back? Thanks a ton!



Anyone can help me with this question, please? I’m still waiting for almost 15 hours from now and nothing changed.


Approx. 12hrs-48hrs.


Thank you so much for the answer @djgodknows! The problem is, meanwhile I did open a ticket to the CS and look what they told me. (Screenshot attached)


I mean, the gig was fine on the Avg Customer Review page, and after I changed the profile pic just vanished. I know I need to wait some time to get back, but what about this answer? It makes no sense to me at all.


That’s a HUGE reply, what did you ask them exactly?
They are giving you some CANNED responses, so you have to filter through it to find your answer. They are NEVER specific on these type of responses.

Also a tip to search your gig is, open a browser in “INCOGNITO” mode, then go to your relevant category down to your exact sub category and then manually go through all the pages to see if you gig is up or not.

Then take a screenshot of that and send to CS saying that it IS NOT there, IN THE EVENT that you did NOT find it.


I’m on the 7th position in the Avg Customer Review - Graphics and Design / Logo Design (2nd row), and trust me I’m not there, I did search the gig in incognito, cleared cache and all that stuff, still nothing.



Can you tell me the name of your gig, let me try and search it as well. (dont post the link)


design 2 LOGO variations today (Don’t look at that new arrival since someone stole my profile picture - that’s not me and I did reported the guy)


Alright, gimme a min, will report back. :slight_smile:


Any news regarding this?


I’m on it now. Was busy with a client.


Ok David, so your gig is definitely NOT on the list.

I am 10 pages in.

The Filters I used (Level Two Seller):


They told me that everything is fine and my gig as no issues regarding searches. But there is definitely a problem with this since you can’t find me on regular search nor Avg Customer Review Page (1st page 2nd row)


Can´t find your gig either, I searched with Average Customer Review/online/24 hours/level2.


Let’s hope for the best


Well don’t worry David, don’t stress. You are at a far better place in terms of ranking and reviews than most of us here. :slight_smile:


Or don´t start to stress before the next 48 hours are over at least. :wink: Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:


This issue affects my overall performance, and I will not get any orders until then…that’s the big problem.


Good news @davidtiberiu your gigs back and is on page 1.
Just an FYI.