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Quick Response + Offer More Extras = PROFIT

A big thumbs up to the Fiverr team on this one. Since Fiverr instituted the new “Offer More Extras” feature at the bottom of every sales page, I’ve been able to utilize a saved “Up-Sell” text blurb and simultaneously offer the next Gig Extra available. This simple practice has increased my average order total for this month by at least 20%! I actually recommended something like this to them at the NYC Holiday Party. Not sure if it was heard or not but I’m very happy it’s working so well for me. I suggest my fellow sellers give it a try!

Superb - i must try this! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the advise.

btw, anyone know why my Fiverr Forum avatar no longer appears?

Yes, that feature has been wonderful. Way to suggest it! That idea never crossed my mind but it’s one of the most lucrative and convenient features Fiverr has added.

Reply to @sucantare: Unfortunately forum avatars don’t work well. They typically show up when you post your original profile picture, but after you change it, it appears to break the link. I doubt we will see that fixed simply because we anticipate a new forum at some point in the future. Since the avatars are nice but not necessary, I have to admit I’d rather see time put into other things including a new forum instead of doing patchwork, but that part is just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt: I totally agree. They are currently using Vanilla for this forum, which is one of my favorite out-of-the-box packages. However, a site of this magnitude needs a totally custom forum solution.