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Quick responses are gone?

The button and link for quick responses seems to be gone from inbox messaging, order page messaging and delivery messages. So seems like all your responses have to be manually written everytime now? :scream: Back to dark old times, if so! A notepad open, and start copy pasting!

Shame about most people spending so much time writing detailed quick responses, only to not be able to access them now, even for copy purposes. :roll_eyes:


They are still here. You can only see them if you click on “here” in that little message in the inbox asking if you want to send a message “here” or on the order page.

They are also on the order page. At least mine are.

Interesting! Thank you. Might be a cookie issue then, once again. Let’s see if eating those cookies fixes it! :yum::cookie:

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Hi there, No No… I checked it right now…Actually it is still there on it’s place. Please check it again or refresh you web page/ fiverr app.

They are gone? I have tried a couple of browsers and they are gone :frowning:

Try removing your cookies. I don’t remember if that fixed it for me, or if I had to contact support. Might have been the latter, now that I think about it.