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Quick Responses for the Fiverr App

If we had “Quick Responses for the Fiverr App” it would make life so much easier. When we are away from our offices being able to send a quick response would be great for both buyer and seller.

I find it slow and tedious to type more than 100 characters into my phone, let alone links etc. By connecting our quick responses to the fiverr app would really make it a better experience for the buyer too. They would get faster replies and everything in the message would be formatted all nice and easier to read.

Who else agrees we need this?

Hello, Fiverr Android App already have Quick Responses and I am using it well.

Really? Where do you click to find it? I’ve just gone into my inbox on my fiverr app and can’t see my quick responses (canned response)

These two screenshots will help you.

That is so awesome man, thanks for sharing. The paper clip made me think it was only for attaching files but it’s cool the quick responses are in that menu too.

I am glad to help you.