Quick Responses Not Printing Entire Message


Hi there…

I am experiencing a strange problem with the quick responses which for me are a super-valuable asset, so to speak.

I have been using quick responses a lot, and I update them when necessary. They always worked great!

Now, a couple of days ago, after having updated one quick response, when clicking on the related button, I do not get the text of the quick response “printed”, so to speak, in the text box… Clicking on the q.r. button only prints a couple of words, and some dots exactly like this:

Dear xxxxx:

Attached, …

Every time I edit a quick response, it starts behaving in that manner. Every time I add a new quick response it also behaves in the above-described manner.

I contacted customer service and they are trying to understand the bug/problem. They have not found a solution yet. Anyone experiencing the same problem? Anyone knows the solution?
The only things I have done recently I can remember that could effect this, in my non-expert opinion, is that I cleared the browsing history including the Autofill form data, and I also downloaded Flash Media Player, and updated Java. I have no idea of what I could have done that could have effected the good functioning of the quick responses.

Thank you for your help!


Hi, I am also experiencing this issue. All my updated and newly created quick responses are showing “…” Hopefully team fiverr will resolve this issue soon.


Well, on one side it is comforting it is not only my problem. I just wonder if it depends from a program or software we have uploaded on our computers.

I will uninstall some programs, and see what happens.

I hope we find soon a solution.


It has nothing to do with your PC. Issue is with site only. I tried with 3 different PCs on multiple browsers.


I think you are correct, I also tried not only with multiple PCs, but a few minutes ago also with phones, and there is the same problem.


Did any of you try if a completely new QR works? I’m on my phone now, else I’d have tried. Oh yes, I see, sorry, disregard this.
My messages seem to paste fine on my phone, though (Android).


Hi, I did try with a new quick response, and, as I said in initial message, it does not work. From my Iphone it does not work either. I did not try from Android. Now, from your Android, are you trying with a new or just edited quick response??


With an edited one, back on my laptop now (Windows, Chrome) and just tried a couple QRs in the inbox of a reseller who wants me to do their job for free, and all QRs I tried, do display fully, I tried longer ones too, to be sure. New seems to work as well, from what I can tell.
On the Android with an edited one as well - I don´t see an option to create a new one on the phone, I saved all my QRs on the laptop up to now.


I just tried and I have the same problem: the old quick responses work just fine, but the new ones and the edited ones still have the same problem. I tried also Google Incognito, but nothing. I hope Fiverr tech support will intervene!


Ah, so it’s not a bug in my end! I already reported it to support yesterday, and they said today, that they’re working on getting it fixed. :grinning:

I f*cked up my main quick response, so now I have to pretend it’s the time before we had quick replies, and have to keep notepad open with quick responses that I can copy when needed :grimacing: Oh, how much I love you, quick responses. Get fixed soon!


I’m experiencing the exact same problem …


Everyone open a case at Fiverr! The more cases they get for the some problem the higher the like hood of a solution …


Yes, I have it as well. Be sure to report the bug to fiverr. Even when trying to make a new QR, it fails at 30 characters.


UPDATE: Issue fixed for me. QRs working fine now.


Yes, it is fixed, Thanks.