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Quick review/portfolio question


I’m a seller but recently had to buy from another Fiverr seller. Everything went great, 5 star review and then I noticed I had the option to add the work he delivered in the review.
After I finished my last sale I asked the client that if this option showed up. He said it didn’t, the client actually was so happy with he work that he himself contacted customer support to know why he didn’t have the option to add the work to the review.
The deliver was a .zip file since I knew this wasn’t going to show up I also included and mp3 file.

In the future should I send the mp3 file as the delivery for it to appear in the review and send the rest of the assets separately?

Or do I need a higher level to have this option?


You do not need any higher level.

Not sure if you see this option, but sometimes depending on your gig category, you will have two upload variants:
“Upload Delivery” and “Upload Source File”

Something to that order.

You must understand, once you hit that “DELIVER ORDER” button it is the fulfillment of your contractual obligations.

So you should continue to deliver all required items for your order via this method, to avoid any probably complications with your buyer.


Thanks a lot. I work with audio files and the seller I bought from also works with audio files. I got the option to include the mp3 he sent me and I wish to add this feature to my deliveries. I’ll look for the upload source file option, although I’ve never seen it.

Thanks for the tips!