Quick seller tip, know your accounts limitations before shooting a video for your gig


Right, so this was just me being foolish but as you know when one person makes a mistake another is likely to do the same. I spent the day writing, shooting and editing a nice new video for my Voice Over gig. I then began updating my gig and went to set it up with the 6 extras I’d come up with as I’ve recently become a Level 1 seller.

Unfortunately I discovered that Level 1 sellers are limited to 3 gig extras and one of these must be an “extra fast” quick delivery extra. Now it’s not the end of the world. Fortunately I was able to re-edit my video down to only 2 of the 6 extras I had initially offered so I didn’t need to set up for a re-shoot and I have the video for down the line should I become able to offer more extras.

It was just a quick lesson to make sure what you can and can’t do before investing time, especially in case you make the mistake of promoting new features you’re not yet able to offer. I hope that this was of help to someone!