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Quick sketch for buyer requests


I was thinking about sending quick sketches to show my idea to buyers in buyer requests.
Do you think its good idea and worth it? Or its just waste of time and giving ideas out for nothing?


Cynical answer: Waste of time. Finding a gig you’ll love is easy on Fiverr. People post requests to get someone to throw in all their extras within their “budget.”

Second opinion: Try it a few times. Maybe you’re on to something.


Give it a try. I recently made 3 video proposals instead of writing my proposal and I got the job for all 3 of those. I just got so pissed off at that allowed character bug that I made a video instead.

Doing something different will definitely make you stand out, but there are no guarantees :wink:


Excellent idea.

I would love that. It would give me a warm and fuzzy about the sellers talent. :slight_smile: