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Quick tip to avoid frustration when uploading new gig images


I am not exactly a newbie, having been a seller on fiverr a couple of years ago. However, I am just getting back into the swing of it and re-learning a bunch of things from scratch.

This might be obvious to most people here, but it wasn’t to me, so maybe it’ll help another newcomer.

I published a gig earlier today, and after I looked at it, I decided I needed to optimize my gig images to display better. I did so, then went in to edit my gig. I deleted the old images, and then uploaded the optimized ones.

When I looked at my re-published gig, though, the old images were still the ones being shown. I re-edited two or three times, all with the same result.

The problem, apparently, was that I had used the same names for the new image files that I had for the old ones. When I named them something different and uploaded them, the new images finally appeared in my gig instead of the old ones.

Hope this helps someone. Apologies to all who just go, “Well, duh.” :slight_smile:


So the point is you must name the image differently from the old one? I m not a newcomer but I dont know about this. Thanks!

Btw, do you know what’s the resolution of gig images?

I always have problem with image not cropped properly :frowning:



I don’t know that this is absolutely the case. I just know that when I tried to use image files that were named the same as my previously uploaded ones, they wouldn’t “take.” When I uploaded them with different names, they worked. It might have been pure coincidence; I wouldn’t know for sure unless I experimented some more.

I use 72 dpi as my image resolution, which is the highest that can be displayed on the web. I mean, you can upload a higher-resolution image if you want, but it’s wasted file “weight” if it is only going to be viewed in a browser (if it’s something to be downloaded or printed out, that’s a different matter). I am willing to be corrected on this by people who are more technically savvy than I am!

My images were not displayed on fiverr with proper cropping, either, until I made the dimensions exactly 682 x 459 pixels. Again, I’m pretty new to fiverr, at least in its current incarnation, so don’t take this as gospel. It’s just what worked for me.


Thanks for sharing this, I experiencend the same, renaming the new photos is the way to go.


I tried replacing an old image with a new image both with completely different names. Didn’t work. The old image is still there. Now I just have 2 of them. Very strange since Fiverr rejected the old image. :frowning:



Have you tried waiting for a few minutes after uploading the images? Refreshing the page a few times? Another browser?

The point is, your browser caches web content to make loading the same page faster and sometimes it shows old images as a result of that. I personally have worked with creating image uploads and this behaviour was really weird to me too at first, but then I realized it was not programming fault, but browser’s.

Renaming images is a quick fix to that, as the browser is forced to load the new image as it has never seen it’s name and doesn’t have it cached.


ah!! thank you for sharing


Thank you everyone! Very useful tips!


Cheers for that valuable tip!


Reply to @happyspace: Totally agreed, nothing left to say. If someone is plagued by boredom he should go to Fiverr and upload new images. It’s always a source of surprise … accepted or not accepted, that is the question m/


Reply to @underlaser: Thanks for sharing the tips.


Reply to @justplainsmith:

Thanks for sharing the tips. Renaming the image worked otherwise the same image was appearing in my gig that I modified due to an error and did not want to display in the gig. Now I have the modified image but with a different name. Cheers.


@ Happyspace: I am having a similar issue. In fact I came here to see if I can get some tips or some kind of an idea what the mods are looking for because it seems no matter what I do with the very nice quality photos I have, no matter whether or not I have resized it to exactly match what they are asking for, I keep getting denied. :frowning: Very frustrating.

Spent literally several hours yesterday trying to figure it out, but no response to my support requests & just denial after denial.

Finally got one gig to take, but it was using one of the same pictures that had been denied twice already… makes no sense at all.


Reply to @droberts1504:


Your gig looks very interesting! I wish people will notice and take advantage soon :slight_smile:


Hi All, I too have had/do have issues with uploading images and files. It is absolutely ridiculous to go through all the hassles of a simple upload. Fiverr wake up !! If it wasn’t for the great sellers on Fiverr, doing their best to get the job done right, Fiverr would just fade away. It is amazing that you can upload up to a 30Gb file, but max out at 10 to 15 small files, that equal way less than 1 Gb. My uploads keep on deleting themselves, so my seller cannot get the work done.