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Quick Tip - Use a Buyer Review to Show Your Expertise


You want to take any opportunity you can to show your expertise. One way to do that is through leaving the buyer a review. When the buyer reviews you, you then have the chance to leave them a rating and some comments.

You can use those comments to highlight the service you provided and the topic you covered, together with any other relevant points. These buyer reviews show up in your gigs so if a prospective buyer is browsing gigs, they scroll down to reviews and see you’ve covered a similar topic, it increases the chance they will buy from you.

Here are a couple of examples of the type of buyer reviews I post.

“Thank you! It was fascinating to work on your content about AI and robotics, and how it impacts on the financial industry, especially from a cybersecurity perspective.”

“Thanks!. It was a pleasure working on your healthcare and software content for businesses with employee caregivers. It’s a subject that definitely needs more insight and understanding, and I hope this article goes some way towards accomplishing that.”

Keep it short and focus the reveiw on the type and topic of the work you completed.

Posting a feedback review of buyers in response to their review

I understand that it could be an opportunity to convince other buyers but I really don’t like when I see that and I wouldn’t like to see that a buyer reveal to the entire world what I am working on!
I think that we shouldn’t say anything about the project of our clients if they don’t give details about their projects in the review. My position is that the details must keep confidential.
And what about a buyer who subcontract the job to you and then his client discover that the job was made by another seller ?

I am curious to read the opinion of other sellers/buyers.


Most buyers who work with me want all the promotion they can get! I appreciate that some buyers might have “sensitive” topics, but if you look at my reviews, you’ll see that while they cover the broad area, it would be very difficult to actually find out the specific piece of content I created from the review.

I would never reveal personal information about a buyer. That’s not what I am suggesting at all.

I am not sure that’s ever been an issue for me…

As with anything else, you’ll need to decide if this technique would work for your specific gigs and buyers.


The topic of the order is a personal/confidential information. Perhaps it’s a consequence of my background… I never worked without a “confidential agreement” in real life and even if I don’t sign it, in my country we have a law to protect what we literraly call “the secret of the business”. My mentality is perhaps different because of that.

I agree with you. I didn’t thought about an issue for you. But an issue for your buyer.

To highlight the topic we covered, we can list them in our gig description. Potential buyers are more likely to read the description than a long list of reviews.

All this discussion is about sensitivity :wink:
And as you wrote in your last message, everyone need to decide if the technique would work for his business.


Agree. If we want work included in our portfolio the buyer has to tick to agree if they want it there or not, which in some ways seems to be similar to summarising the project details in the buyer’s feedback.

I wouldn’t want anything I’ve ordered to be discussed like this unless i’d agreed to it to be honest.


I agree with @offlinehelpers and @carineb. I have used this technique, but I say something more to the effect of thanking them for booking my services. Here is an example:

“I enjoyed your testimonial as to the quality of my proofreading work it means a lot to me that this is the result of the service I provide. Helping my clients is my prime priority. If you need any additional proofreading in the future, I will be pleased to assist. : )”

By doing it this way, nothing personal is divulged. :wink:


Different strokes for different folks.

My Client’s privacy is the utmost importance to me, so I keep it simple and general. “I had a blast recording this voicemail, narration or DJ drop for you” etc. I don’t need to go into details about the order. It works!


I can see my view is in the minority on this :slight_smile:


There is this bit from the ToS as well:
Sellers further confirm that whatever information they receive from the buyer, which is not public domain, shall be kept confidential and shall not be shared or used for any purpose whatsoever other than for the delivery of the ordered work to the buyer.

It would only take one buyer to complain and I’d hate for anybody to get into bother.


It’s all good, Paul. :slightly_smiling_face:

I like reading how others approach certain scenarios/handle their work.


Yes, Paul,
It is good to share how we each operate on Fiverr; what has and has not worked for us. That is how we learn how to better ourselves as sellers, and furthermore, that is why I come to the Forum. :innocent: