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Quick Tips for Sellers - Optimizing the New Forum 10/15-11/15

UPDATE 11/8: The mobile version of the forum now has a standard mobile menu. Using that menu allows to to navigate to any forum category.
UPDATE 11/9: A follow button is now available and an Activity Center button will show you things like your posts, replies, etc. If you’d like to see images to help guide you to these, scroll down the thread for more. (

For those who haven’t watched the video* on the new forum, or those who can’t see it, here are some quick tips for sellers:

1.) When you start a new post, you will see the need to choose a category. This is to help you choose a category that really makes sense for your post. Be sure not to pick “Tips for Sellers” for every question, help request, gig ad, etc. Posting in the wrong category can get your post stuck in a Pending status which can slow you down.

2.) If you need help with your gig(s) as a new seller or a long-time seller with a problem or new gig, be sure to post that request in what is now called “Improve my Gig.”

3.) If you want to advertise, even alongside tips or freebie offers, that still goes in My Fiverr Gigs. However, there are some really nice changes to that category that make it really worth using. When you advertise a gig in My Fiverr Gigs, there is a field for a link to your gig. If you use it, buyers will see an INSTANT ad for your gig right in your post. If you put your ad in the wrong category and an admin moves it, you won’t get that benefit.

4.) Take special note of how FIVERR FAQ works different now. If you post a question there, others can vote on the responses by clicking the upvote button. What’s great about this is, that best answer will be pushed toward the top and can help you greatly in getting fast answers for questions. (For readers, use that upvote button to help your fellow sellers!) When a topic is resolved it will be marked, making it easier than ever to find answers to questions.

5.) What if you get a warning on the forum page? If you load the forum and find a banner letting you know that you’ve been warned for spam, forum abuse, gig ads in the wrong places, external links, plagiarized tips without credit, duplicate posts, etc. you really want to modify the behavior that caused the warning. Ignoring the warning could result in a a suspension of your forum privileges.

Here is another link with more screen shots:

Very help full post

Thanks for bringing this up in written form. I couldn’t see the Video also.

thanks. great


No problem. Some browsers handle it better than others and some mobile devices don’t do video well. I hoped to give some tips on things that really are big improvements. The new forum will have to go through growing pains like anything else, but there really are some nice things to use.

Thanks for the info admin. Is there Two versions for mobile and pc?

Yes. The new forum has a specific look for mobile devices. Right now PC/Mac browsers will probably give you a slightly better display than the mobile version just because work is still ongoing on both and last I checked, the PC browser was further along.

However, just by going to the forum on a mobile device, you should automatically see the mobile version. Given some time, all versions will be have a more polished look and improved functionality.

There are other admins actively helping out with all of this including moderation, by the way, I am only one of several admins and we are all volunteers, not Fiverr staff. I just happen to be one that enjoys helping on the front-end. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info !!!

Thank you … Good info for New Seller like us !

Nice tips

Thanks for the info !!!

Any idea where I can find ‘My Activity’ and is there going to be a search option?

The search bar has moved to the left in the header. It’s still the same google custom site search.

Fantastic, thanks so much!

Must have missed that search bar…now that I know where it is, looks good. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I missed it too first! Guess you just get so used to looking for specific things in certain areas on the screen.

Thank you! Will use the “Improve my gig” for sure

Fantastic post!!!

This seems to work much better than the old forum a lot less bugs so I will be using it a lot more now :slight_smile:


Thanks for this