Quick Turnaround Gig Option


Would it be a horrible idea for sellers to have a

“Available for quick turnaround” (contact me) or such?

I’m experimenting with something. I need an illustration of a Rottweiler puppy chewing a bone. I need a 2 hour turnaround and my regular seller is on :airplane: .

I know it can be done fast, but the minimum is 24 hours on 5r. Using BR means waiting up to 24 hours for approval. Contacting sellers is time consuming.

Would such a thing cause headache for you all?


For buyers is a good option to filter potential sellers in extreme cases of urgent needs.
1 / 2 / 6… hours delivery.
There should also be then, an option to add this service in every Gig and to settle the effective time delivery in hours (less than the standard 24), so the buyer is safe that the work will be delivered as agreed.
Lots of modifications there to do on Fiverr’s side, but people will give it a go, I guess.
I doubt I can personally offer that service but can be a good thing for new sellers who are not having a queue or any orders at all.


I’ve had many sellers ask me about quick turnarounds less than 24hrs. I think that, besides what @wuerz123 said, such an option would also need to take into account each seller’s time zone, because if I would offer a 1/2/6hrs turnaround on my gigs, I wouldn’t want such orders while I sleep.

Fiverr could, therefore, implement the filtering by quick turnarounds by listing only gigs whose sellers are in an appropriate time zone that allows them to do a quick turnaround on time.

Something like a “gigs currently available for quick turnaround” filter.


One option could be that a seller can offer that service just when online, so we can jump over the Time Zone, and a seller could be available at 3:00 AM (let’s say) if s/he is awake and at the computer in that moment, to flag that option “I’m available for quick turnaround”


Some sellers keep vampire hours and sleep during daylight hours.

I’m thinking along the line of what wuerz is saying with an icon or something that sellers can turn on or off. It would be a good thing for brand new sellers in fields such as illustration.

Maybe I’ll do a site suggestion.


Mmm, I don’t know about that… what if I’m online and preparing to shut down and get some sleep in the following 5-10 minutes and I get several quick-turnaround orders because I was shown as “online”? :smiley: No more sleep, as those orders will keep my status online making room for even more orders :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, I still think taking into account both time zone information and some user defined scheduling options would be better :stuck_out_tongue:


:smile: :smile: :smile:
Then unflag that option earlier duhhhh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is a great idea!