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QUICK: Unresponsive and due TODAY

I have THREE gigs due where I’ve messaged the buyer at least twice/three times with questions or requests for additional information. I haven’t heard a word from them. Two of the gigs are asking for the exact same thing under two different users. They provided VERY little information and haven’t responded to my questions. I CAN complete the gig without the information, but it’ll be a pretty generic shot in the dark. I’m worried about these turning out to be some kind of spam and not getting paid. Also worried the buyer will be dissatisfied with the finished product (even though it will be written as they specified - but the topic they asked me to write about is pretty vague, no additional info given).

The other buyer requested I rewrite some information in an attachment. I messaged them asking if the info was being used on the same site (meaning they wanted the writing edited/organized) or if it needed to be completely changed to go on a different site. It’s important to know so that I don’t use exact sentences and end up sending something that contains plagiarism. And if it DOES need to go on another site, I’m going to need additional information or the buyer needs to buy an extra. Either way, I don’t have enough information to complete the gig and I’m not keen on going over and above what the gig includes due to unresponsiveness. I don’t mind helping people out and doing more than what’s included, but not due to lack of communication.

I’m trying to avoid canceling due to lack of responsiveness. I’m worried that cancelling so many will affect my gig search rank, seller level etc…

Advice greatly appreciated.

Cancel. If it is accepted then you will not suffer any penalty. And if you need to get customer support to cancel for you then do that too. You can’t complete the orders.
Don’t worry about the rest.

This might well be due to some Fiverr issues. I contacted a seller day before yesterday. No reply. Re-contacted him again yesterday. He mentioned that he never got the first message. So I resent him the original msg and again contacted him this morning. He replied saying he never received any messages from me at all.

I have also been getting a 404 - Page not found occasionally when I click on Inbox!

i have also been getting 404 – Page.never knew it was a bug

If I want a buyer to respond quickly, I go to the cancel bit at the top of the page. I select other and tell them I am happy to do this gig, but I need more info first. If they are unable to provide the info, please cancel the gig. They seem to get in touch pretty quickly then.