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Quieter periods


Hey folks!
So I’ve been a Fiverrer (There’s a mouthful!) Two years now and is my full time job. Wondering if anyone else noticed quieter periods, even my regular customers just seem to disappear off the face of the earth! New orders are non-existant currently and I’m wondering if there is any truth behind the the fact that when you update your profile, it lowers you in the search rankings? It seems Fiverr are keener on quantity than quality as the amount of advertisements I’m seeing for “Be A Doer” is crazy, that’s all well and good but I’d urge Fiverr to show some love for those of us who are already here!
Also, anyone from the VO world applied for FiverrPro? I’ve applied and also work via an agent here in the UK but have seen there are only four Fiverr Pro VO’s! Surely there must be some kind of inside job/favoritism going on here! Anywho, would be interested to get your thoughts!


There are plenty of quieter periods: around holidays, tax months, uncontrollable real-world events, etc.

I don’t think that editing the profile would lower your gigs’ rankings - but editing your gigs does lower rankings, at least for the first 24-48 hrs., and possibly even after if the gigs are edited in such a way that they can be outranked by competing gigs (e.g. improper use of tags and keywords)

Ever since PRO launched, I’ve heard that only people with impressive portfolios and/or impressive real-world career history get picked (and/or impressive social media presence), but I highly doubt there’s any inside job going on.

This is where most sellers make a mistake, for they put all their eggs in one basket and then comes the big sales slump, or the never-ending sales slump for some, and they regret having quit their real jobs. I’ve experienced it myself that freelancing is one of the toughest jobs to keep because of the constant uncertainty and tons of variables you depend on on a daily basis, which are out of your control.


yeah i face quieter periods !!


I use quite periods to improve my gigs and promote them, I use free time to learn and develop other projects.


I am fairly new, so I just stay patient, focused and positive. :smile:


It really depends on the service you offer and more importantly how you offer it. You need to figure out how to build bridges between the spikes in your sales.

For example, during holidays most people are not working, but they do a ton of shopping. So I’m sure there are buyers who need VO service for their Christmas campaigns and what not. Your job is to figure out how you can reach the customers looking for VO for their holiday campaigns.

The weird thing about Fiverr is that keyword search doesn’t work on gig description. It works on the title so you need to figure out what are the relevant keywords for those campaigns.

You have " I Will Record British Male Pro Voice Over". I can’t speak for others, but I wouldn’t use any of these keywords. Why? Because all of these are covered by the filters. So why would I repeat it?
I’m not saying you should take it down, but maybe create a new gig dedicated to a specific niche might help you get customers that come here for a specific need.

I would type in “audio book” in the search. If I filter it down to British / Male then I get less than 20 gigs.
I would also type in “radio commercial” and I would even type in something simple as “Christmas” if needed.

If you know how to target a specific group of buyers you don’t need to worry about quiet periods.
Besides, you can schedule your work. I don’t know about VO, but I’m usually booked minimum 2 months ahead for website redesign. Even right now I have 6 medium size websites to redesign by June and hopefully I can make it.
I’m sure once you get regulars you can schedule them. You might need to find clients outside of Fiverr because unfortunately Fiverr doesn’t support recurring plans, but you shouldn’t have 1 source for leads anyway.


Thank you, very helpful indeed!


Doing VO similar to you, I feel that since things changed with their algorithm a :carrot: and stick effect is in effect. I have not been slammed in a while.


it’s crazy - consistently thousands of impressions and views and clicks to now, practically nothing at all - literally 72! Friends who are new to the site are now in 4 figures for the same period! Absolutely no loyalty to existing user base and preferential treatment for new users it seems to me. I wrote CS and asked but was told that it was just a quiet period probably because of the holidays…