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Quit blowing up my inbox with bogus requests!

I’m getting idiots requesting about gigs that I have. As soon as I go to respond, they are “no longer able to be contacted.” Either that or their account has disappeared. WTF?? This is happening every other day. It’s not like I’m taking forever to get back to them either. Some of them make requests, and then disappear. Is this other sellers messing with us or just fake buyers looking for cheap thrills? If so, is there anyway to get rid of buyers who are obviously not real buyers?


You can block and report them when they’ve messaged you, but there’s no way of stopping them from messaging you. Like any other messaging system, I don’t think Fiverr’s can detect whether a message is spam before it’s been sent.


Thanks. That’s what I’ve been doing. It’s just frustrating. It’s like someone calling you and hanging up. I mean who does that?


Way too many people, unfortunately.


That’s such a weird phenomenon…

Maybe they’re trolls? There are so many strange people on the internet…

I had a couple this week. One person said he could “type rite for me”. Uh, how exactly does that work? I already have to use a keyboard. That got marked as spam. I have another guy who wanted a quote for a book. That’s fine, because I’ve written many for my clients. I provided a quote. He said he was ready to order, but then didn’t, and now I realize that he was just messing with me. So, if you can’t pay me, then why harass me? I get enough book orders to do for others without having someone lead me on. Some people are strange! If you see a gig you don’t like, move on!