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Quit Complainin'!

Hey, Fearless Sellers!

I’ve been a voice over talent on Fiverr for a little over two years. On October 14th, I became a Top Rated Seller. It’s a personal goal I’ve pursued since I joined.

However…the journey has NOT been easy.

But I’m not complaining.

Believe me, if someone has reason to complain and grumble and moan and groan, it’s me.

I started on Fiverr in late July of 2017. I’ve made a little more than some, a lot less than others. The day I raised my prices and actually received an order almost immediately, I was elated. Things were happening, and happening quickly. January 2018 was my best month. Received a huge order worth hundreds of dollars and the order machine was firing on all cylinders.

Then, the bottom dropped out

In February 2018, a Fiverr glitch removed me from all searches. I wasn’t appearing anywhere. By the time they fixed it, a couple months later, the damage was done. I hadn’t built up enough repeat clientele to sustain me in search results. And the momentum, just like that, was gone.

After my pity party (believe me, that party was a long one), and once the dust settled, I decided to learn from that painful lesson. Although freelancing gives you more control, you are still at the mercy of whatever platform you’re on. My situation can happen to anyone. In fact, it has. It could happen to me again.

Did I complain? Nope.

Fiverr has never been my sole source of voice over income, but at the time it was the most lucrative. So I used that “lull” in Fiverr business to my advantage. I explored other platforms and other opportunities for revenue. I improved my website, contacted potential clients. Whatever I could think of to improve myself and my business, I did. And I’m still doing it to this day. Now, I’m getting much more outside business. And because of that, I don’t sweat the issues that happen from time to time on Fiverr nearly as much.

So, here’s my sage advice: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I know. How cliche. But it certainly applies here. If you’re relying on Fiverr as your sole source of revenue, you’re flirting with disaster. I consider Fiverr just one more spoke in the wheel of my business. A golden spoke, but still a spoke.

So stop complaining! Get better, hone those skills, maybe at times reinvent yourself to be the best you can be. Get out there and make things happen! Develop those goals and blast through them, one by one.


True! Relying solely on Fiverr and complaining or moaning doesn’t really help. It brings more frustration than before. So, personally, I don’t complain, I just see Fiverr as an opportunity to improve my skills and do what I love to do. If the platform even kicks me out anytime, I wouldn’t bother because as long as my work has productivity, I will sell it anywhere!


Right on! Great attitude!


I’ve been relying far too much on Fiverr for VO work as well for the past couple of years. My income here has been stable enough, but this week went by with no orders until today. That wasn’t normal. So I spent that downtime improving my website and doing other projects to keep the money flowing.

Great advice! I see so many sellers, even established ones, complaining about not getting orders - and it really rattles my chain, because those established professionals could be spending that downtime improving their skills and generating leads elsewhere.

Of course, making sure you do everything possible to stay active and visible on Fiverr is just as important - so I’m focusing on fixing what can be fixed, improving my skills, content, demos, descriptions and videos - while working outside of Fiverr as well.


Excellent! Yup, working on improving your Fiverr gigs is extremely important. Just like you, I’ve had a desert of a week. Crickets. So I chose this week to raise my prices, and fine tune all my gigs to make sure they all hum along. Good luck to you!



I decided to raise my prices (without raising my starting price, because that could cause less clicks), so I upped my commercial and broadcast rates. Didn’t go so well - the week went on without orders. I lowered my rates yesterday, and today I got orders. It was a 5 USD increase as well, so I wasn’t happy with the results of my test this time around. Other times I had success increasing my prices, but this wasn’t that time I guess - even though I’m charging less than most of the talent in my niche.


Man! I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been on the fiverr platform since 2015, its been four years now. I’ve had ups and downs before, but my last down was after a seller I had scammed me on four of my orders. After the orders compelted the guy moved all of the files onto another server and even after the orders were complete he opened a support ticket to refund him. Cherry on top, the fact that Fiverr needs the buyers more than its “disposable sellers” they accepted all tickets and when I gave them proof of work, they denied it since it wasn’t on the main site.

I’ve had such a big low after that, it took me 4 or 5 months to recover from it, and you know you’re absolutely right, once should use that time to build and learn outside the platform, I’m so glad to have found someone who has gone through and then done the same things I did. No matter how cliche’ it is, its a lesson to learn from. Here’s to hoping we never lay all our eggs in one basket :wink:


I need to carve that in stone…or etch it on a golden plate and place it on my desk :laughing:
Fiverr IS indeed a nice ( and important) source of income for me as well, and back when I first started I never would have thought that I’ll be Fiverr-ing almost everyday.

I’ve been through the flood period and the dry-up season, but even with my breathtakingly terrible temper and wonderfully poor anger management skills, I’ve never complained about not getting sales…(even though I have complained about other things here! :sweat_smile:) because after all, it is up to us when it comes to how we deal with the situation.

The glitch/bug problems is a huge pain in the neck and I’ve had my gig disappear from the search as well, but I did message CS and while I was waiting for them to fix the problem I used that time to edit my gig etc and focus on my other job, and luckily for me I had my returning buyers come back and they also recommended me to people they knew, so in the end it all worked out.

I think it’s OK to moan and groan, heck I do it all the time.
I just make sure to get something done once I’m finished complaining! :wink:


A golden spoke – what a spectacular and evocative metaphor!!

Freelancers should always diversify.


Hello bobshaw23,
I admired the idea expressed. We need to struggle to achieve the goal and complain is not the only solution. For me as a new seller your suggestion makes sense to me.
Thank you.


To quote Tom Petty, “Waiting is the hardest part.” When you raise prices, the waiting game starts. Then the cold sweats break out when you go an hour, 3 hours, half a day, a day, a week without orders. I’m not convinced a $5 increase in commercial and broadcast rights is gonna stop people from ordering. Maybe repeat buyers. But then you have to ask yourself the hard question: Is it time to break away from those buyers? Have they made my life difficult, or are they easy to work with? If it’s the latter, send them a message and tell them you’ll honor the old prices. That way, they’ll come back and you’ll still have orders from the good clients while meeting new ones.


You might lose some older $5 buyers but attract new ones. Don’t worry about losing those $5 buyers.


I’m so sorry you went through that. Yes, on Fiverr the odds are forever in the buyer’s favor. LOL. In my opinion, there should be more protections in place for sellers, especially with the kind of thing that happened to you. But if we stay on this platform in spite of that, we move forward knowing the risks. We don’t have to agree with it, but still, we accept it. To me, it’s worth the risk. There is no other freelance platform for voice over work quite like Fiverr.

Part of the reason I made this post is to let others out there know they’re not alone. I’m very happy you got something out of it!


Yeah, we’ve all been there. Or most of us. There are some I know who started on Fiverr and attracted numerous customers right out of the gate. And they’ve NEVER had a single problem. Made TRS in a matter of months. LOL. I’m very happy for their success. In my experience, that’s not the norm. Grind away, moan and groan if you must, but keep focused on your own gigs, and reach for that golden spoke. :wink:


Agreed! Diversification is the smart way to go. And thanks for the compliment. I probably subliminally lifted it from someone else. LOL


You’re welcome, Salah! Yup, the struggle is real but the rewards are awesome. Keep plugging away!

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Perfect! Couldn’t agree with you more. I wish you all the success in the world. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t agree with you more, Crystal. Losing the $5 buyers was the best thing I’ve done.


I consider you a model of politeness and good temper. I tried to imagine you getting angry and only came up with chopsticks being put down on the table slightly less gently than usual. :chopsticks:

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That happens to lots of people, and not just on Fiverr.

I think sometimes complaints have merit, and sometimes complaints lead to changes. We used to get demoted for having a 4.7 overall rating, after Fiverr realized how easily a 5.0 can become a 4.7, they decided to set the threshold at 4.7, so now we need a 4.6 to get demoted.

Other times the complaints are form of venting, releasing all that negative energy so you can focus on other things.