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Quit My Job to Dedicate Full Time Work for Fiverr!

No more tardy slips, or pink slips for that matter.
I have done the unthinkable and jumped out of faith.
To my disposal, I am equipped with this cool graphx tablet.

I also bear with me, the guts of a mad man.
You may be reading this like, dude reconsider… read some 'liter!
So much for me living Andre 3000 lyrics, huh?

(Aimed to those that apply).

See my posting on this forum today is to shed a few demons.
These demons are more like brittle walls and I chose today to tear them down.
Plz assist me in doing so by socially lifting me up in the comment section.

I could use it!

In a nutshell, I am here to establish a voice in this forum. Clout, if you will. My knowledge is finite, but I won’t let it stop me from sharing with you today. Shoot, as of now, I have extra time on my hands! Who knows, maybe it was YOU who needed to hear this message today.

Be free.
Follow your passion.
You’ve just been #IcedUp.

You have made zero sales on Fiverr.

That is probably one of the worst decisions you could have made.

I did wonder if you had made a single sale (you have, now–congratulations, at least). Waffling on the forum because you now have “free time” is already a misuse of your time. You need to start marketing yourself everywhere. Are you already successfully freelancing elsewhere?

Where’s your income coming from–do you have an income? Do you have savings to tide you over for a few months as you build a rep–and “icedup” is an affectation, not rep, whatever you may think it is).

Admitting that your knowledge is “finite” might seem humble, but… uncharitable people might suggest it means, in conjunction with the rest of your post, that you’re the one going to get iced up and return to gainful employment when the need for a roof over your head, food and drink rears its tiresomely regular head.


Yeah…maybe not such a smart move. I earn about £800 with Fiverr and other freelancing per month and that’s without any marketing or website etc., so I know if push came to shove I’d manage, but I’m still working temp contracts and applying for other jobs until I am earning well in excess of my outgoings.

If you have no responsibilities etc. then I suppose it’s not too bad, but just a couple of missed payments to utility companies can land you in a place you don’t want to be. Trust.

It takes courage to jump into freelancing from a steady job. There are other platforms out there to sell on as well so make sure and do those too to make the most money. Fiverr takes time to start rolling but I love the profile wording. Very fun and interesting. Good luck!! There are a million clients out there on all of the freelancing platforms. Go get them! :slight_smile:

Sorry guys, you are being too harsh. He will know what he has to do, don’t rub it in his face. Many of us have been in the same situation that he is in.

Time will tell.


Why are you laughing at Ryan’s comment?

Can’t you tell? He’s been #icedup


Haven’t seen you in awhile since you posted. Hope you are still lurking around and can read my words.

You should not let discouraging words and slow sales prevent you from accomplishing your goal which was “to establish a voice in this forum.” You have to keep at it no matter how hopeless it seems at times. You quit your job to do this now follow through man. Make this your full time job as you planned.

I am saying all these things to you because I saw your profile and your gigs and I admire your passion, creativity and uniqueness.

Get up and get to work!

Hehe just throwing my 2 cents out there, but if I quit my job (Well technically this is my job lol) and went to do something else… Got to do it full force… When I left the employment and took that leap into the unknown… Whether will land on your feet or on your face got to go full throttle in this case make all possible gigs available. Advertise and build a reputation – make a voice – wave your arms – stand out… When I got into Fiverr. I wanted to be successful here. and I haven’t been selling here for more then 2 months, but when I made the decision that I want to do good, I gave it my all. Setup 7 gigs (initially) and started hiring fiverr people to give me exposure.

My point is all guns loaded, needed to give it all. I believe anyone who strives hard enough will get there :slight_smile:

Exactly. Fiverr selling should be a way of life. You have to give it your all and then some if you want to be successful in anything especially freelancing. When times are good you still fight and when times are bad you fight even harder.

Seriously? Your most popular gig has 2 reviews, some of your other gigs have no reviews. You’re like the guy who quits his job to sell real estate or do MLM. You’re counting the chickens before they hatch. Do you have savings? How are you going to pay your bills?

For most people Fiverr is a side income, it’s not a full-time job. I suggest you start driving for Uber while you find another full-time job.

I’m not trying to be mean or anything, and I do strongly believe that you can make a living working on Fiverr ( and I have seen some people become very successful), but usually people start working on Fiverr after a while, in your case it seems like you quite your job first and then decided to do Fiverr full time. Like fastcopywriter said, I sure do hope you have savings to support yourself before the ball really starts rolling.

You haven’t left any comments and replies yet, but I do hope to see a post that says something like “My Journey to Success on Fiverr” in this forum someday.

It took me two years before I made what people would consider enough to live on from fiverr but I have other resources. I am wishing you well.

well if you are just starting I would not recommend to leave your day job or unless you have bunch of good savings.

2 jobs in one month! Jolly good show.

Well, one job. You already completed one last time I commented. So, that’s $10? I hope you’re not homeless.

I can see your “socially lifting me up” call did not get the responses you probably had hoped for but then the fore warnings here is just to prepare you. I got my first order after three weeks. You are doing better than that at least. Faith counts. I quit my corporate status to give momentum to a non profit I run. I have no plans of returning back- Fiverr or no Fiverr. :slight_smile: The future of work, according to me is not just employment or entrepreneurship - it is establishing multiple income streams. A job kind of consumes the entire bandwidth a person has. This is a good start. Best of luck.

Putting all of your eggs in one basket is not a very ideal situation. I’m all for taking a leap of faith, but at least have a game plan before landing face first. It’s not that easy and it’s a huge risk. Gambling with your livelihood is a big step, so be cautious. Nothing is ever guaranteed, but I wish you the best of luck.