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Quite suprising about the hate to certain people

So this guy was not happy with his work, so he posted this in buyer requests, and posted a second one about how he hates certain people, I contacted the guy he was reporting and asked for the guys name because I couldn’t see it and the guy hasn’t got back to me. I wanted to report the guy that sent the buyer request as spam, but I don’t know his name


When you send an offer it shows the buyer’s username in the “offers sent” section. You can also tell the buyer’s username in the browser (eg. on Firefox see “view image info”). You could also check the app for the username.

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Yeah I didnt send an offer, I should’ve but now he is gone

As long as there’s a profile image, and not the default, you can also right-click>inspect and get the username in the alt=“username” code. (In chrome.)

Also, there was nothing in the request about the buyer being dissatisfied due to the seller’s location. (Buyer specified ‘behavior’)


Maybe reporting the request (through the helpdesk) could still work since you have a screenshot of it. Maybe CS could find it by the date, the text, price or or other things in it.

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I also saw the request and took a screenshot. I am a Bangladeshi myself. I saw another request with the same description from another buyer. They could be the same person.


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Yeah that ones different, Im going to contact support and hopefully get his account removed from the screenshot I took

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Okay, that one targets the location, but (again) it still implies the behavior was the problem more than location.

Cognitive bias’s numbers 1, 6, 7 and probably others.


its really surprising for me as well .How can somebody offer job only if we will report that seller.I have a screenshot of that buyers names as well


nice. you can report the buyer and send them the screenshot.


lol, :laughing: :laughing:

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Wow, 32 offers, imagine all 32 sellers who applied for that BR reported the unlucky seller who made that buyer unhappy (as it was to be done pre-order, and they already had the seller’s name through the BR, at least the most desperate ones might have done it to send a link with screenshot proof of the reporting already in their offer to heighten their chances of being chosen for the actual order)

… and there we are, wondering why support takes so long to reply to even urgent matters.

One can only hope those 32 offers were “bot offers” by sellers who didn’t actually read the request, and nobody actually was stupid and mean enough to act on the reporting bit.


I wonder when someone ingenious will try to create a Gig for User reporting, starting at $5. :roll_eyes:


Welcome to business life. You step on people and get rid of the competition. No matter how dirty. It’s also why I’m no successful business man and always kinda broke. But at least I still have my values. :sweat_smile: