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Quitting fiverr - fee's fee's fee's

at first i thought that $1 fee on sellers was bad enough, but then i attempted to purchase something and i’m hit with a $0.50 “processing” fee? so fiverr charges the seller AND the buyer? that’s insane, not even ebay does that and their a rip off. i found another site too, similar without the fee’s.

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Very well. Do what you need to do. Good luck in your endeavors elsewhere.


An order was canceled, but without refunding the fee…
This new fees means that if I’ll have to deal with 20 unqualified sellers on fiverr, I will not only lose my time but also spend all my balance for no results…

I’ve been to fiverr from the very beginning, as the guys just started,
but I’m afraid now it’s the beginning of a sunset, at least as to the last comments on the web…

“Nice words can not cover pure greediness” is the main ton.
How pitty…
Have a great day everybody…

If you find yourself in a situation where you have hired 20 unqualified sellers, its time to reflect on your own hiring process and stop relying on the cancellation system to make up for your lack of effort. I am not a fan of the new fees either but if it makes buyers spend a bit of time being more careful about their purchases then it may have a silver lining.

Comments on the web, always a great place to see unbiased, all-encompassing and well thought out opinions from sane people. Or not…


If it was up to me I would add non-refundable deposit so that when buyers don’t do their homework the seller still gets paid for the time they wasted on the project :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, as previously said, you should spend more time on vetting the sellers if you encounter so many cancellations. I’m also a buyer on this platform and I’ve never had to cancel a single order.


Welcome to reality…
In my last case fiverr was the one who canceled the order due to no responce at the seller side.
You probably don’t know how many of them simply lose any motivation when realizing that they calculated too cheap or whatever reasons…

That wouldn’t be very fair on a buyer whose seller genuinely had a problem - illness, family emergency etc.and had to cancel, despite having picked what they thought was a good seller.

I’m not sure that shifting the onus onto the buyer to validate the seller’s abilities before they order is the best of ideas, or indeed penalising them financially if something goes wrong. No other online marketplace I can think of uses a similar method, probably because buyers might be more than a little put off by it? Okay, the seller stuffed up, but we’re going to charge you (the innocent buyer) anyway?

The only way around this is for Fiverr to hand vet a group of sellers who might charge significantly more than other sellers on the site - call them Pros perhaps, and then gradually reduce the number of ‘other’ sellers on the site. I wonder if they’ve thought of doing that? :wink:

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I am extremely familiar with reality.
I have bought here over 250 times with 120 sellers - I have had 12 cancellations and the reasons varied but I am sure it was never for being undervalued as I ensure that I pay a fair price. Every other purchase was fine.
I should add that 5-6 of those were when I first began here and didn’t really pay attention to those I was buying from. You say you have been buying here since the start - surely you should be better at identifying good sellers at this stage.

I agree it can’t be that simple.

  • If seller cancels or it’s a mutual cancellation then deposit is refunded.
  • If both sides have a different opinion then it goes to CS who decides.

I use non-refundable deposit outside of Fiverr. So far I’ve had to use it only once and the buyer was OK with that. It depends on the gig, but in my case I often need to purchase licenses which I can’t always refund so if the buyer changes their mind then I can give them the licenses, but they won’t get their money back.

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This thread was made when fee was $0.5 lol


Plus where do you start? Rising talent badges seem to mean ‘has made no sales or 1 sale.’ Meanwhile, the search seems to give preference to higher prices and Pros, even if gigs have few reviews.

The only real way to vet sellers is to go by their level and number of positive reviews but oh, wait… A web designer who sells 5 x $500 gigs a month but has one order cancelled because of buyer error, will now always have a lower level than a seller who charges less, gets 100 orders a month and fails to deliver 10 of them…

Fiverr is more pot luck than an unlabeled pot noodle these days.


Um, this thread is 2-years-old… Walks away quietly!


I’m one of those who love to give a first chance to newbies, but it has its price, as many of them are simply not serious enough about their gigs, however, you only can find it out after booking and proceeding the job. I don’t think that this social arrangement is a reason to be punished by fiverr, but that’s how it looks like. The new “procesing fee” has nothing to do with customer support, ethics or fairness, but with pure money greediness only.

Maybe or maybe not.
Their customer support is so-so. If they can improve it by throwing money at it then I’m all for it.

We haven’t seen the stats, but considering that this forum gets more questions from newbies, I doubt it will be different for CS. Considering that some of those newbies haven’t delivered any orders, Fiverr is letting them use the platform for free and even offers free support. That money has to come somewhere, so increasing fees is one way of doing it.

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Recently, I needed CS to approve something, so I could work on an order with less hassle, and the ticket system didn’t work for me, so I sent an email. I’ve only ever seen people recommend to use the ticket system and not send a mail to support because ticket is supposed to be faster, but I got a very quick reply, not a template, to the point, and I even got a nice short reply back to my thank you reply.
So, my last CS communication experience was a really good one, if that has to do with them throwing more money at it or I just got lucky with the person taking my mail, who knows. :wink:

Anyway, I agree, the money has to come from somewhere.
IMO it would be a good idea though if they’d make more use of their existing mass communication options to keep too many tickets from coming in, by, for instance, timely posting about known issues on forum, twitter, wherever else. If I know Bug x hasn’t only bitten me but is getting around and is being worked on and that it won’t help an iota if I send the 1005th ticket about it to CS, I wouldn’t send it.

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Fully agree. Some platforms or SaaS sites have heartbeat pages where all the high-impact bugs are listed with a message or a workaround. Then you can simply take a look and there’s no need to overload CS with bug reports.

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I am curious what your process for hiring actually is.
Do you hire someone and have them do work for you and if you are not happy, you ask for a cancellation? If that is what you do then it is not exactly a charitable endeavor on your part. If this is what you do then I am glad the fees might cause you to reflect a little more before buying.

Your statement that you can’t tell a good or bad seller before hiring makes me think that I was right when I said: