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Quitting is right or wrong?

Hey guys.

I’m planning to quit to fiverr. Hopefully that will be happen in next few months!

My all buyers is going to miss me. I have served my all services from last 4 years at fiverr. 2500+ Order sold = 1500+ feedback received.

Reason for quitting fiverr - everything gone messed-up. I feel, if i do live here then i will be gone mad in few months.

You’ll have all benefit to this - at least “ONE” less competition.

I wanted to your suggestion!

  1. Should i delete my account completely, When i will leave from here?
  2. Should i put my account in vacation mode?
  3. Any other suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

Turn on your vacation mode,get some rest,spend some time with family & friends.Just don’t think about Fiverr.Then sit and think what are the advantages and disadvantages of working in Fiverr and choose.Everything is up to you!Have a great time!


No reason to quit. If you get orders do them. If you don’t get orders do something else. Simple.


Sorry, but what do you mean by “everything gone messed-up”

It´s not about right or wrong. It is up to you. But if you have repeat buyers, why would you quit? I wouldn´t close my account yet if I were you. You can use your down time to have some rest and spend time to do something else.

Edit: Off topic but still related to quitting. I only made 2 sales after many months on this platform (all my bad as I was never committed enough to improve anything). But I joined Fiverr at first place for a totally different ball game than most people do anyway. So, I quit and I didn´t feel pissed whatsoever. I´ve got nothing to lose and I wanted to do a new project which I have been doing now (making videos on Youtube to keep myself occupied). Anyway, I have always enjoyed the forum on Fiverr then and now. When I was quitting, our lovely mod @fonthaunt advised me to keep my account alive in case I want to come back. I was absent from the forum for some time. But listened to her, I didn´t close my account. She was right, I came back, not as a seller, but as a buyer. IMO, Fiverr is very easy to use (not complicated), I think that´s one of the reasons why buyers like to shop here. I could make new gigs if i want to, I just don´t want to. :slight_smile:


If you need a break - vacation mode is the best option. I use it sometimes when I can’t be available here. I think deleting account is the last resort. You probably don’t need it now, but things can always change.

Have you done all you can to make Fiverr work for you? If you have and you are not getting the return you need then yes, I think you should leave. However, I don’t believe that is the case.
Perhaps take a break, spend a time rejigging your gigs, rethinking your process etc.

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Keeping your accounting on vacation mood maybe the right decision. Once you will feel that it would better to turn on the vacation mood than disabling the ID.

Have a rest and come back.


Quitting is never right, unless you have moved on to better ventures. If this topic is to drive traffic to your gig, well its really smart. But if its for other reasons, well just take a break, come back refreshed and then hit the track. Life is never easy. Everyday is a struggle, to improve, become a better human being. :slight_smile:

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Normally I draw cartoons to improve my drawing skills.
as a member since February 2013, I must add something here.
I don’t like to talk much… here


Winners never quit and quitters never win!

(Unless we are talking abut smoking cigarettes…)

Take a rest and then decide if you come back or not.

just turn on vacation mode, there’s no reason to quit

I’m getting the feeling you are burnt out, so this is what I would do:

Go on vacation mode. As long as you want. During that time, ask yourself what
will happen if you quit Fiverr. Do you have another job on the side? Or perhaps you
got a new job that pays better? Have you already started?
If so, maybe quitting Fiverr CAN be an option…or delete some of your gigs and just
have 2 or 3 gigs available.

IF you do NOT have a job besides Fiver yet, and is still in the process of looking for one,
don’t quit just yet.

Another thing you can do is once you return from your vacation mode, raise your price.
Raise your price, and maybe delete/pause some of your gigs and just focus on the ones with the biggest sales.

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Put it on vacation mode for now. I’ve honestly been considering taking a long break, possibly quitting Fiverr. The income just isn’t good anymore and my rankings are a mess. Probably just going to focus on my other job.

I think deleting account is not good !
you should just go to vacation mode or keep only few gigs? 1 or 2?
take rest, enjoy world and back when get bored again :stuck_out_tongue:
fiverr is best way to keep bank statement alive :smiley: