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Quiz question: A scam or not a scam?

Ok, this happened just a few minutes ago. It supposed to be a $1000+ writing job.

Someone: Looking for 15k words about **************** what is your cost and timeline? thanks
Me: Hello! blah blah blah… the price is **** divided into 9X **** payments
Someone: can you do it for <less>? Me: Yes, but I would need more time, blah blah blah... how about I make an outline in 2 or 3 days, send it over and then we can make a **** proposal for the first of nine parts?
Someone: we dont do 9 parts send me offer for $<1000+>
Me: Oh, sorry, I can’t do it that way.
Someone: have a good day
Me: You too :slight_smile:

Buyer joined Fiverr two months ago.

So, the $1000+ question is: A scam or not a scam? :slight_smile:

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Probably a scam.
Who hires a writer for $1000 without a test job? I won’t hire anyone for $100 without a test job.
If it was a legit job offer then they would have agreed to do it in parts, at least in 2-3 parts. It shouldn’t make much difference.


My thoughts were the same :slight_smile:


You guys are probably right but I’m thinking what’s the difference if it’s all one payment or nine payments? They can do chargebacks of all nine if they want to?

Is it to see if they approve each part before you do the next one?

As a buyer I might be wondering if I would get all nine parts or if the buyer might start to slack off, or disappear before it’s all done possibly. I’m not sure, just wondering how doing it in parts would help?

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I see it as a first and only line of defence against scammers. Which brings up another question: could I hire the apple logo guy and then just chargeback after he delivers it? Or someone else (doesn’t need to be a Pro)? How can we protect against scammers here? By selling cheap gigs we won’t care about if someone asks for a chargeback? I know it doesn’t happen often, but one $1000+ chargeback would put an end on my freelance career here.

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I’m sure that Apple logo designer would be defended and refunded by fiverr if someone tried to scam him.

  1. You’ll see how easy it is to work with the client. How many revisions they request, how detailed instructions they give etc. If it doesn’t work out then you won’t spend days/weeks working on the project.
  2. If it’s done with a stolen credit card and whatnot then by the time you get to the 2-3 order you’ll see if you get a chargeback.
  3. You would ask the client to accept each order before you move on to the next. It’s pretty difficult to get any sympathy from the CS if you approve 8 orders in a row and then ask for a refund.