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Hi there. i need a pro video editer. what I am looking for is to create a video that will go viral. its very simple I provide the MP3 audio file to you.

YOU will make a video, one of thos videos you see of people on the news that want their identity concealed, face blurred, or dark room, etc.

its just a still photo though, but i want those graphics along the bottom that says “anon customer explains how he gets more value…”

basically its my company, i made a voice change audio file, but i want you to create the video,. its just a still shot with some crawling graphics “customer x” over the persons face, or the black bar, and the wave audio file thing that goes with the audio. is this possible?

this will surely go viral in my business niche, i want it to look as realistic as possible, but what its really doign is promoting MY business. it should go viral on all social media, as many things do in my industry/


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I think you need to post on buyer requests, not the forum - good luck! :slight_smile:

BTW - I don’t think anyone can guarantee that a video will go viral!