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Quoted price changed

I recently gave a quote in the buyers request section for $25 and when the buyer went to place an order the price, they saw was $44+. These bizarre things have been consistently happening and I’ve only been on fiverr for two weeks. On top of that I am getting bombarded with spam daily. If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated, failing this then I will have to look at a different platform.

Different currencies, perhaps?

Fiverr recently switched to Euro for me, I had to manually put it back to USD$. I see that you’re from Australia, so perhaps that’s the reason? Also, at the time of purchase, a service fee is added ($2 on purchases up to $40 and 5% on purchases above $40).

They might be targeting you because you’re new. Respond with something short (“Please don’t spam”, “Not interested”, take your pick) to that your response rate doesn’t suffer, then report them and block them.


Awesome! Thanks for that catwriter. I thought that could have been the case in regards to the currency, however, I was unable to find where I could change these setting. I’ve since realized that that I have changed the currency to USD from my phone app earlier today, so now I have changed it back to AUD.

Thank you and I appreciate your help.


Glad I could help!

For future reference, if you need to change it on laptop, just scroll to the bottom of the page on the main site, and you’ll find it in the right corner.

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Contact he CS, they might help you with this.