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Quoting Something You Can't Do


Dear Friends,

In the real world you need some work doing so you ask around specifying what you need doing and you get back some quotes, you agree with one of the quotes and the work get’s done.

In Fiverr it’s totally different - You post a buying request specifying what you need done and get a list of offers with quotes so you accept an offer. Only to get a message saying you should have inboxed me first I can’t do it at that price.

I’m sorry but if you can’t do it at that price you quoted then why quote it in this first place?.

The order got mutually cancelled, but is it common practice on Fiverr for sellers to respond to buying requests with quotes only to get told that can’t do it at the price quoted?


It’s not really a question individual sellers can answer. I’m sure if you asked us each individually, the answer would be ‘no’.

However, if you want a specific answer, you’ll need to ask the seller who responded to your request.


The two reasons it happens is -

  1. When the buyer does not post all the job requirements clearly and later adds some additional work which was not posted in the buyer’s request.
  2. Many experienced sellers who are perfect for your job won’t apply to your job as they already have queue of orders and they don’t even visit buyer’s requests. So you are left with sellers with less experience. They might finish your job perfectly or they might cancel, so there’s always a small risk.

So to avoid such experiences - if you fall in the first category, write a clear and complete job description. If you fall in the other one, search for sellers yourself instead of posting in buyers request. Select 3-4 sellers you like, contact them and get a custom offer for your project.


I think what’s happening in this situation is sellers are trying to get your attention with low numbers.

For example, my voice gig charges $5 per 100 words. If you have a 1000 word script, I should quote you for $50 (plus whatever delivery time, extras, etc.).
However, to stand out from the pile of responses, I could quote you for $5 and say “Please check out my gig” or “Please note that the $5 is for a sample of 100 words so you can be sure you like my voice before I record my script.” Most won’t say those things though. They’ll just toss out a low number to get your attention and then ask you to pay a different amount.


I’m quite new on fiverr. So, I do respond to a lot of the requests on the Buyer Request section. I agree that you can’t expect to get many offers from experts there. Mostly are just starting like me, and have beginner/intermediate skills. Thus, the low prices. Sometimes, I need a bit more clarification, just to ensure I can do the job, or just to clarify the amount of work need to get done. So, I appreciate if the buyer could reply to my message first, before accepting the offer. But, most of the time I would stick to my offers and just do the work. Except for one buyer, who wanted something R-rated, which he did not mentioned at all in his request, and with his all religious figure appearances, that just making me uncomfortable. So, I needed to cancel that one order. This actually need to be a concern for sellers, and Fiverr actually sided with buyers much for this matter (and a lot of other things). Because, when we cancel the order, mutually or not, the rating for job completion goes down. And that become an disadvantage for sellers as Fiverr would took some of our privileges away - potentially, our gigs will not get the chances to be on the first/second search page, it would get buried deep and sellers at risk of not making sales at all.