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// R.I.P💀 Fiverr is DEAD!


I was confused when I saw it first thing today.

I joined Fiverr five years ago this past April, but didn’t pay attention to the Forum until a few years later.

I had no idea when I joined the Forum, but now I do thanks to this goofy cake icon…lol

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I noticed ever since they added the $2 tax on top of orders + other fees it hasn’t been the same


Hard period for psychics and astrologists. Post covid-19 changed these services.

@deisgnheros I don’t understand actually what do you mean?
But Fiverr is growing up nicely as a company and freelance platform and really not going to rip.
I know lots of term and conditions and even pricing problems there but believe me fiverr is growing up day by day.

I agree. I’ve lost a lot of sales since 2019, but it was already going downhill around late 2018, not just a Covid issue.

I get tons of scammers and spammers too, but I manage to deflect most of them. A sure sign is when they ask for “samples” or ask for a “discount” or don’t read my gig at all.


Yes, I’ve noticed that too. I’m also greatly puzzled when I have 1000s of reviews and only a $10 writing gig when others with the $10 gigs and only a few reviews have ten orders in their queues. I’m guessing they’re paying for advertising.

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I think this requiem is a bit premature.

The milestone comes just over a year after announcing the platform’s freelancers earned one billion dollars

Fiverr (NYSE: FVRR), the company that is changing how the world works together, today announced that freelancers selling digital services through its platform have collectively earned over two billion dollars. Notably, half of that two billion was earned in just over a year, as in February 2020 it announced that Fiverr freelancers had earned over one billion dollars since the company’s launch a decade prior.

Some sellers have been doing worse, some better in the last year.

I hope whatever you’re trying out to get more orders again will help you gain traction once more.


thanks for shearing @miiila lookign forword to it :slight_smile:

I just hopped back on Fiverr again after a while. There’s an option for advertising now?


Though per seller the amount might not be all that high. They don’t say how many sellers there are currently. If there’s more than a million that would be an average of less than $2000 per seller in total earned. I think most of the earnings have been made recently but that’s also when there’s been a lot of new sellers joining, increasing competition. So we don’t know how that’s affecting the average earning per day/month per seller.

It’s interesting that they say 5 (and a few more a bit later) of the latest top earning subcategories. They could have given more info on those / and more subcategories. eg. they don’t say whether those are where sellers are on average earning the most (eg. earnings/no. of sellers) or just in total that’s where the most earnings have been recently. But giving more subcategories could have helped those who don’t have the best skills in the given subcategories.

Yes. Though it’s not available for all sellers or for all gigs:


Apologies for the off-topic but @miiila did you briefly join yesterday’s event and then left??

Yes, I couldn’t get the video and audio to work, I kept getting some error and gave up after trying a few times, relogging and such. I’ve had that before with one event, for others, it worked. I hadn’t used gatheround before, so maybe it’s my fault and not my laptop’s. It’s fine, I’ll try to catch next Thursday’s event.


Shame, it would have been cool talking to someone from the forum for a change.

Oh well, maybe next time!

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Nice to see you back on the forum - had wondered where you had gone


I think it might be a genius marketing strategy on her behalf. You wonder where Psychicbunny has gone. Who do you go to for more info? A psychic.


I should have seen it coming


What event did I miss? :scream:

january 20 my all gigs were down. I didn’t receive any new buyer message. Even I didn’t find any of my gig in the search list while using the keywords that is in my gig. Now its 6 month running. half of a year i’m a jobless person.

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6 months is such a long time? when was your last delivery?

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last delivery was 2/3 days ago… But its not a new client friend. I was knock my all old clients to get few orders. And i’m lucky to have 2/3 clients they give me few orders. I’m really worried about this situation. Because fiverr is my only one source of earning. What can I do now. What should do in future. Really frustrated i’m

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