R.I.P George Michael


A GOOD musician, don’t care about the rest.

My First and most favorite song, in honor of him:


A good musician, and I do care about the rest that he was too. So sad.


What I meant was, the REST does not matter to me as it was his private life and choice, so none of my business.


I knew that, really.




“don’t care about the rest.”

You put your foot in it.

He was the first male I ever saw wearing two earrings-- cool and sexy guy.
He was too young to go.


I was not a fan of his music in general (it was “too 80s” for me), but I always liked this song and video, which was inspired by his ordeal in the 1990s where that cop in LA busted him for what used to be described in the UK as lewd acts in a toilet with another gentleman.

So, anyway, after all that hoo-ha died down, he made a video that made fun of the cop. The cop sued him for mental distress, I think, but lost. Giorgos 1 - 0 Cop. The video starts about a minute in, and the initial scene may be a bit too fruity for this forum (how disappointing) but imo, this is a GREAT response. I didn’t realize he lived so close to where I used to, either.

As they say in Greece (and presumably Cyprus), ζωη σε σας, να τον θυμάστε (“to your life, may you remember him” or “with your life…”.)

PS an important NATO whistleblower was suicided recently in Belgium. Don’t read about it anywhere!



Nato whistleblower was suicided in Belgium?

Sounds like an intriguing mystery. Who did he whistleblow on?


Duet with Elton was one of my favorites


I think You dont have any idea about In Indian Region , Long long time ago . All male are wearing two earrings… And kings also … They looks quite handsome …

and I knew so many people who are used to wearing rings in this way , . trust me, they look cool …

And , do you know, I never wearing rings, because I always look like worst . So I never wear…

but He was sexy :cupid:


yep and I was part of the cliche…I spotified him the whole day!