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Rachel Can No Longer Be Contacted

One of my customers is having trouble contacting me through Fiverr. When she tries to send me a message, it stopped her right in the middle of the message and said “Rachel Bostwick can no longer be contacted.” It’s not the first time it’s happened to her, and when she kept trying last time, she was able to get through. Anyone know what might cause this?

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Everything looks good on your profile. :thinking:


Thanks for checking :slight_smile:

Seems something regarding connection issues or browser problem, customer side. Tell your customer to clean the browser cache and cookies or try from other computer/device, different browser. If no luck, contact CS and explain the situation, they will help you.

Oh, thank you! I’ll try that.

Few of my customers also reporting this when they tried to contact me. But it fixed automatically in minutes. But happening often. Got any solution ?