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Racial discrimination


Everyone, this is very unfortunate that I’m writing here about this on this platform which claim itself to be the free from Discrimination.

Hello let me introduce myself, I’m Metabob and currently offering tutoring services.

  1. I joined Metabob in November and worked hard to promote my self.

  2. I’m a level one seller having continuous five star rating with not a single dissatisfied buyer. See my gig reviews.

  3. I never contacted anyone outside fiverr nor received any payment from anyone outside the fiverr.

I worked day and night to give tutoring day and night

Even though the fiverr removed my gig from the search results as an act of racial discrimination. When I asked why is it so? They told me that editor has not denied your gig but will not show in search results.

I thought OK it will be applicable for all. But to my surprise, all the gigs including one from srilanka, One from Africa also denied in search. Instead of this only American gigs of tutoring are showing on fiverr.

I think fiverr went racially biased to promote whites. One can search using keyword operations tutoring or operations .

I am worried about the students who usually work during weekdays and take my tutoring on Saturdays and Sundays.

There are thousands of sellers from all over the world (including sellers with light skin) who have gigs that are not shown in search. The decision is based on editorial focus, not race. In addition, no seller is guaranteed a place in search for any gig type. For gigs to show up anywhere in search at all is just a perk.

Sellers on Fiverr are independent contractors, not employees, but you are welcome to get legal representation and pursue your claim if you can find someone who thinks it has merit. Thank you and good luck with your gigs!