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Racism exist even in Fiverr ?! [or Not...]

Hi all,

First all me to explain the title better, and I deeply apologize if my english is not perfect!

I have finished around 700 orders and some of them are for Fitness Gym posters and the other are events or party flyers. Unfortunately, from all the whole orders that I have finished, 80% of people have asked me with nervous why I added white model (girl or fitness groups) while they are black. The other side is - I did one small experiment with one of my repeat customer and I added group of Fitness of black people, and they never say to change the people etc like black people do. I know this will sound crazy and maybe this post has been trashed because of exaggerated criticism, but believe me I am so sure that buyer (we) need to know and say that what is going on!
I wish Fiverr forum rules give me the rights to post print screens with username, but they won’t. I have too much proofs that you will be really surprise if we check the difference between white buyers and black buyers. Maybe the black buyers from today they will hate me, and I complete understand that. But also in the request modification they always request around 10-20 or one small part of these buyers request refund if I don’t delivery within 12-15 hour. Everything is explained to Fiverr support, and now I have in my gig description “Please read all my gig description” typed so all buyers who will not read my gig description for duration, prices etc I will not refund unless he is unhappy with me. This is not a tip or to offended buyers because we are here and we have success from buyers, I have a lot of respect for them, but in case someone else have this experience I would really love to know!

All the best,

Just ask them if they have any ethnic preferences before making the poster. Everyone. Problem solved. Add it to your automatically question thing when someone places an order. If they don’t mention it, tell then that they should have specified when they were asked.

That won’t stop the people who read nothing and steam ahead and turn into monsters anyway, but hey ho, that’s life!

I think that asking Fiverr to change the forum rules so that you can attempt to evidence a presumption that black people are more racist than white people is just plain inciteful.

Long story short, this is exactly why these rules are in place. Please, just think about it over a cup of tea for a few minutes.

As for racism existing on Fiverr, I think that you would be hard pressed to find evidence of people actively prejudicing others because of race. However, differences between races do exist and acknowledging these isn’t in itself racist.

For instance, if your buyer was based in China or needed material for a Chinese gym etc, they would likely want a Chinese model. Would you think that was racist? My guess is probably not. In fact, @emmaki has expertly put a lid on this by advising you to ask your buyers to specify what ethnic groups they would like using in the first place.

I complete understand and you have right. I agree with you in all comment, but not in the end. My customers are from US so I was not talking about Chinese Kung fu or other things that we need to add image of Chinese of Kung Fu. I hope now it make sense more.

No, it doesn’t. This is your business. If you notice a common trend/issue, then you need to change your own information requests to adapt to that. It is for your own protection and to save time as much as anything else.

I think the topic for this thread should have been “racism exists in the world” not the way you just crafted it. Those experiences were with your buyers and not Fiverr, right?

Thanks for reply. I was talking about buyers in Fiverr, not buyers in the world.


I’m an Indian, most of my buyers are Americans, Canadians, Europeans and Australians. If there is such a thing as racism, I haven’t experienced it.

It depends in which category you are service provider

From my own experience on fiverr as a seller, there are some people who tend to be a little more difficult to deal with.

I’m not about to get into the race thing, but it’s possible the OP has a point.

Plus, since you and I are part of the forum team and can reassure the OP on one count - the forum rules do not in any way prohibit telling the story or asking questions. Even a screen shot would be fine as long as the buyer’s name was eliminated.

That said, I think you are correct in your reply. I think the OP is confused about some things.

Thank you for your comment. Perhaps this is an issue of language. I think even the definition of racism is being misunderstood by @fidan06, as well as what the buyer’s intentions were.

So, @fidan06, after reading your post and the comments I have to admit it’s going to be difficult to help you with your question. Your question isn’t difficult to answer, but I think it might need translation into your native language. I’m not sure and that is not an insult at all. I would use Google Translate but you can do that yourself so I’ll just try to write simply.

1.) Racism exists everywhere including on Fiverr. Often it’s only because people are afraid of what is different. Racism is different from what you are describing in your post. The word racism isn’t the correct word for what you have experienced.

2.) Your post seems to suggest 2 things. 1 thing you seem to suggest is that you have found that some black buyers treat you differently than white buyers. I don’t know if you mean black and white as example or literally.

You said: "if we check the difference between white buyers and black buyers. Maybe the black buyers from today they will hate me, and I complete understand that. But also in the request modification they always request around 10-20 or one small part of these buyers request refund if I don’t delivery within 12-15 hour.

My response: If you have seen blacks treat you differently from whites, I do not think it was because they are racist. Since Fiverr is global, skin color is a very broad concept. I have read thousands of posts and dealt with buyers and sellers myself. I have not seen cases where skin color alone was a problem.

3.) Your post seems to talk about something specific, not racism. Your post seems to really be about buyers who react when you include images of people of different skin colors or ethnic groups.

I think other people have said this part. Buyers choose the people in a drawing because they want people of a certain age, color, male/female to like it. It doesn’t matter why they choose it. That isn’t racism. That is marketing. As others said, ask your buyer what they want their drawing to look like including age, color, or gender. That should solve your problem.

Does that help at all?

I think he does have a point & the moderation team left the post here because of that. I just don’t think the word racism is the right word. Some buyers behave differently with people who live in one part of the world over another and that is a totally different subject. It’s different from skin color too.

The OP seems to mention some buyers who are a certain color and act a certain way, but that’s not racism either. Maybe you could call it stereotyping, I don’t know, but that’s yet another subject! I thought his final point was that some buyers didn’t like his drawings to include images of people that weren’t the right skin color for their project. That’s a valid topic for a seller to ask about so I tried to address it in a post to him, but I am not sure he can grasp it without excellent translation.

Thank you, actually I never used Google Translate because it translates with too many mistakes. Anyway, I complete understand and I agree with you. I should as them for the image, but since is for Fitness or Gym flyer, they insist do not put white models but just black, and as I said too many times, is not with just one order but almost 90% of the orders that I finished for fitness or events. If it was a Fashion African models etc… I complete would understand that we need to put one black model on it but if the fitness is for all, why they should insist to add african models otherwise they want refund ? And one more questions just for curious because I know that this is not your fault to ask you… ‘Why white people when order to me, even if I insert in flyer template black models they never say to change or blla blla just because they are black’ . Do you think that is coincidence ? Well not, because we are not talking for one order but for almost all orders that I have finished.
p.s I am honestly sorry if someone has offended, I know that people are not the same.

Honestly, everyone is different, but some buyers seem to have a little more of a ‘chip on their shoulder’ than others.

The ones with the biggest ‘chip’ are the hardest to please.

Thanks for trying to narrow it down a little bit. At least I am sure I am no longer classified among those racists. Next time when you say Fiverr, always be more specific as there are Buyers and Sellers(which is where I fall into) on Fiverr.

so as Emmaki and Cyaxrex already said, simply ask them if they have a preference before you make anything, that way the customer is happy - as they get what they want and it should eliminate change requests for something you are bothered about, so it is not an issue anymore…

You don’t need to worry about WHY they would prefer a black or white model - as really that doesn’t matter (unless you have an issue with it for some reason), you, as the flyer designer just need to know that they do prefer black or white models, so your client will be satisfied with their flyer and you aren’t wasting time making changes.

My title (question) is very clear. I am not bothering by buyers who request to have only black models, I was and still I am curious & concern why they (almost all of them) insist to change the images from white people to black…