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Racism on Fiverr


I paid for a SEO service on Fiverr. My seller refused to accept my order because I am Indian.!

Please see attached transcript on chat.

How can Fiverr allow such blatant racism?


It is against forum rules to name and shame buyers and sellers so you need to remove the username immediately.


I don’t like it. I can tell you I am an Indian and have not faced any racism on Fiverr. This is the first instance of racism against Indians I have seen here. This is blatant. Get in touch with customer support.


What racism? I’m Asian. When someone doesn’t want to work with me, I hire the person that does.

I won’t force people to take my money. Their loss.

There are many talented sellers on 5r, I’m sure you will find one.


That line - “I am facing problems from Indians” is one I don’t like. It is too blatant.


I agree.

I’ve faced many racist and sexist behavior from people around the world in my everyday life. I’ve come to ignore the minor ones that mean nothing to me.

There are people who don’t like to work for individuals of certain race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. That’s their problem, not mine.

My money is green and is worth the same as my neighbors. I want to spend my energy on people that like me, not those that hate me.


That’s not racism. Sorry, but it’s understandable if a seller doesn’t want to work with a certain group of people based on their past experiences. Just move on and find someone better but don’t call this racism.


They mentioned the above lines in their gig, Is it allowed according to Fiverr ToS?


Discrimination isn’t allowed, but if they can prove that there’s a valid reason why their service doesn’t work for certain countries, that’s different.

@saurabhchopra20, was the above line (not providing their service to customers from India and Pakistan) in the gig description when you placed your order?


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You can submit a ticket to Customer Support and complain about the whole thing. Discrimination isn’t allowed.


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And your exposing their user ID was illegal according to fiverr TOS, you should also be banned?

Dude, some stuff just isn’t worth going full chicken little over. Could be racism, could be that they are tired of being burned. (98% of the people who have screwed me on fiverr are from 2 countries.) I am wary when I get orders from there. Is that racist, or is it proof that there are hotbeds where these issues are much more likely to happen? Since you are so interested in absolute justice, would you please reimburse me for the folks who have burned me countless times?

Either way, calm down.


I thought we were free to work with whomever we want? I don’t see any discrimination or racism. All I see is a seller that just doesn’t want to work with a certain demographic of people which how the OP is responding kinda makes sense to me.

I’m sorry but I just can’t wrap my head around this.


We are, but if you say that you refuse to work with people from a certain country, it can be seen as discrimination (and that’s a ToS violation), and punished as such. If you feel that a certain buyer is going to be a problem, cancel the order, sure. Because you feel that that specific buyer is going to be a problem.


The seller told me on chat that he wants to work with only white people as Asians are not honest.

I really can’t wrap my head around this - If this is not discrimination, then what is?


Report him to Customer Support if you wish, and move on to another seller. If a certain seller doesn’t want to work with you, you can’t force them.

Perhaps all of this seller’s experiences with people from your region were bad? Not that it justifies discrimination.


I should put in my G Suite gig that I cannot provide service to Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. Or mainland China for that matter.

This isn’t my discrimination, Google just plain doesn’t work in those regions of the world.

I’d hate to have an order cancellation due to that.


Was just finished writing almost the exact same thing when you posted!

@saurabhchopra20 report them and move on, if you are right you are not going to gain anything from dealing with them. They have their reasons for doing this and whether they are right or wrong, they are not going to work with you so find someone else.