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Racist comments

I sent a message to a logo artist regarding a logo which I wanted to do. His price stated was $5 with details of all what he would deliver. When I sent him the details he sent me a custom offer of $30. I messaged him that what he has mentioned in his Gig is what I want. He just told ‘No’. I asked him that why he is misguiding when what he has written in the gig he is not delivering at that price.
He mentioned that ********* are poor…

Fiverr should not allow such racist sellers on their platform. It is just spoiling their name…

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I am very sorry this happened to you. That’s very unfortunate.

I suggest that you report the seller to Fiverr by contacting their Customer Support team.

Fiverr takes racism and harassment very seriously, and I think you should report this seller to them so that other buyers are not treated the same way.



Is the seller ***********? If he is, maybe he meant HE is poor and needed more money? Either way, if the seller was advertising they would do certain tasks for $5 and then pulled a bait and switch, they should be reported.


Mod Note: Country/region reference removed.


The best way to keep Fiverr community clear from such guyz is to report them to CS team with proof.


Firstly welcome to the forum.

Very sorry to hear that, just simply report him and you will find a better deal from other seller.

Have a great day

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Hello, aside from any racist comments he made, is it possible that he sent you the custom offer because you needed more than his $5 gig offered?

Is it possible that he mentioned the name of a country saying people in that country are poor for some reason other than being racist?

I think you should just move on and find another seller.

If it really bothers you then send screenshots of what he said to customer support.


I have seen many such tactics where they put a particular price for a Gig and when you place the order they send you a custom offer and try to make more money. I have come through at least 5 such people who will somehow make the gig customized and ask more money

Are you asking for more services than the basic gig? Are you demanding they include things that they have extras for in the gig description?


it might be so or maybe the request requires more time and effort to complete …resulting in a higher price.

Also I am pretty sure that 5$ logos do not exist

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Requirement is a simple one. I have also told them to deliver as per the details in $5 gig they have put up. Once you tell that they refuse and say it is a custom requirement…

I often run into clients that mention ‘’ simple logo ‘’ , ‘’ simple requirements ‘’ … I don’t know exactly how can you define that ‘’ simple ‘’ when you are talking about graphic design … It usually ends up bad for me when I hear ‘’ simple logo,simple design’’ … perhaps I wasn’t lucky enough I don’t know


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