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Raffles/Lottery type gigs on Fiverr legal?


Hi, I was wondering if raffle and lottery type of gigs are legal on Fiverr? I’ve researched a bit on raffles and they are considered a form of gambling and are illegal if not done properly. I fear running one and then getting caught later and having to pay fines, penalties and taxes? Any help on the subject would be much appreciated!


Thank you very much, I will try to contact Customer Support then!


Yes I’d be interested to know the answer too pretty sure you would need a licence of some kind.


I will definitely let the community know what I find out!


First of all, Customer Support is one difficult process with very little support (IMO) from the representative.

So I copied my question from above and the rep’s response was:

"Unfortunately we do not allow those services on"

I continued to ask if there was any way one could legally run a gig through a non-profit organization or a license and the response was:

"That gig service (in any form) wont be accepted by our content editors upon review. Those gigs can not be added to your account on"

I continued to ask about some raffle gigs I have seen on Fiverr and the response was:

"We’ll review those gigs and take any necessary actions. Gigs are automatically created and must be reported to us to be reviewed further."

So there you have it, take it for what it is but I don’t think I will be creating one any time soon.


I kinda figured that would be the response from the CS team, a lottery isn’t a straight one way transaction there is risk involved to the buyer and it could fall foul on Fiverr as they do not have licences in place to run lotterys etc