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Raise pricing to at least minimum wage!


Sellers need to be able to make a living! Its great for fiverr to sit back and enjoy all the commissions its’ website makes for them but what about the people doing the work. Here’s hoping the feds step in and file suit! Exploitation of the workers once again.


This is ridiculous, honestly. You set your own pricing. I make about $20 an hour which well exceeds minimum wage in my state. I do this by making my $5 gigs things that will take about 15 minutes. When I was new I did set prices at $5 an hour by my own choice. It helping me get my first level. So, anyway, you decide on your own wage. Fiverr doesn’t dictate that either way.


Nobody is being exploited by the site. The basic pricing for a gig is 5USD; its mandatory to provide something for 5USD. You can increase earnings by offering extras of which you control how much to charge.

If the basic gig price goes up, that could potentially ruin things for the site by turning away buyers who are expecting to get something for the stated 5USD site. As another point, this is a freelancing site not a corporate business office. Plus the site is international which will make applying minimum wage regulations pointless.

Have a nice day.


The minimum wage varies worldwide. It even varies state by state in the US, in the states of Georgia and Wyoming the minimum wage is $5.15.


You don’t even have gigs, @collins07, so why are you complaining? If you do 4 gigs in 15 minutes each, you made $16 in one hour, that’s more than minimum wage. Today I completed a $50 order, it took me an hour. See? More than minimum wage. Yesterday I made $104, today I’ll be making $132 or more unless I get lazy.