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Raise your voice now.Fiverr only favor Buyers

Hi Fiverr lovers.

I am going to share the magic i told you before about fiverr only favors buyers. Today i received a message from support that one of the order is cancelled and fund are returned to buyer.That project was completed months ago and client left 5 star rating at that time.I gave them all files and almost forgot about that. When i contacted support, here is their reply:

Hi again,

Thank you for the follow up. Please keep in mind that we are here for both buyers and sellers, and we want every order on Fiverr to be successful. If you don’t make money, Fiverr doesn’t make money. We take your revenues very seriously, and require buyers to provide us with a satisfactory explanation and proof before canceling an order. The order was reviewed and cancelled, and cannot be restored.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Best regards.

Marty | Fiverr Customer Support

I asked to show proof and they said we cant share due to privacy reasons. How can we trust such a platform? Site is live on client server and i lost my earnings due to bad support.


Am I dreaming already, or have I already seen this post pop up as a new post several times? Are you deleting your own posts and reposting it?

I understand that you’re frustrated, but reposting a topic isn’t really the way to go.

Hi, the earlier post was removed as one user requested link to the site which i delivered and posting link was prohibited.So had to post it again.There is no spaam.ming or anything like that.

Ah, I see. I just felt like I’d seen it at least twice already.

I think you might be able to PM people links without getting your topic removed.

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agree fiverr 99% towards buyers and if you’re lucky then 1% seller

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Sure, will do.Thanks for suggestion.

So, it wasn’t just me! :rofl:

I’m sorry to hear it happened to you, @nextair.