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Raised my price - Lets see what happens

So i’ve been really busy with work from my portrait gig and I had promised myself that I would raise my prices once that happened.

My gig was $15 and I’ve raised it to $20. I still think its cheap at the price considering how much time each drawing takes.

I’ll be interested to see if the orders come to a grinding halt or just slows down a bit .

I’ll post an update here in a weeks time

Your sales might slow down a bit, but I think your revenue will increase.

I had a look at your gig and if I was in your shoes I would add more value to the service. For example, do you know why people are ordering those portraits from you? Do you know the purpose?

A friend of mine is a photographer. He sells mostly nature photos. He figured out that some of his clients were using those photos to make a custom calendar. Now at the end of the year he puts together 12 of his best photos, designs them in a calendar software and sells them as downloadable products. So all the customer needs to do is download the complete set and print it out. Customers don’t need to do any tweaking unless they want to add a custom message or birthdays.

I’m not saying this would work for your gig, but I would recommend finding out if you can provide a finished product instead of a portrait.

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Thanks Uxreview, Thats great advice.

I found I get a mixed type of customers. Some portraits are for personal use but I have had quite a few who like the drawings for their company team pictures rather than photos.

mmmm. Maybe I should do a gig for a set of company team drawings. :slight_smile:

But to be honest I’m going to enjoy a bit of breathing space - its been quite hectic lately and I still have a backlog to go through

I was actually thinking the same thing just now :slight_smile:
If you create templates and switch out the people, you can hit the holiday seasons with e-cards. A lot of businesses would go for these, especially if they see the template.

Another option would be 3-4 slide cartoons. If I was running a blog where this style would fit I’d order it to explain my articles with a short cartoon :slight_smile:
Instead of a stock photo I’d use a short personalized cartoon.

Anyway, when your orders slow down, take some time to think about it :wink:


Yes defintely
You’re a bag of ideas :joy:

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So I promised an update.

It’s been 20 days since I upped my prices on one of my gigs.

Happy to say still getting the same numbers of orders